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Aug 6, 2022 at 9:28 PM
Apr 6, 2009
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Aug 6, 2022 at 9:28 PM
    1. Skippos
      Yo, if your primary position is onball then you can't have contest specialist as your talent unfortunately; that's only for people with CHB/FB as the primary position :(
    2. Number 11
      Number 11
      Keen on getting into BBall sim at all mate?
    3. Furball
      You should definitely read Origin I. Butthurt is immense.
    4. Baxter
      Oh yeah, phenomenal work :lol:
    5. Baxter
      Step 4 should be shares in onedollarbets imo
    6. Sultan Pepper
      Sultan Pepper
      Thanks for the welcome Cribbwell
    7. Maroon_Faithful
      I'd go for Hegemony Or Survival.
    8. Maroon_Faithful
      I think his earlier writing is the best but I understand wanting a more contemporary range.
    9. Cribbage
      (I am joking :p)
    10. Cribbage
      Welcome back.

      We did an activity reset just before you left though.
    11. KickATinAlong
      rugby league draft mate
    12. Hurricane
      see crabs league draft thread
    13. Hurricane
      You're up in the crabs league draft.
    14. Mike
      Emperor Pilaf returned a few episodes ago to gather the Dragon Balls up once more, but he was stopped by the Red Ribbon Army and was forced to surrender the Dragon Ball he found. That Colonel Silver guy stopped him iirc. Not sure if they let him go or what. They must have. He comes back later on apparently.

      And yeah. I enjoyed the first 20 or so episodes more than the rest for some reason.
    15. Mike
      I'm currently watching Dragon Ball as well. Goku just beat that Ninja Murasaki guy. Episode 39 iirc.
    16. Frizzed
    17. GIMH
    18. Captain
      Oh and if you're going clubbing, go to Zouk. Google it. Too bad you missed out on ZoukOut though.
    19. Captain
      Definitely go to Universal Studios, another day should be sufficient for the rest of Sentosa with the Underwater world, dolphin show, musical fountain show and whatnot. The wavehouse is pretty cool, they have live music and decent food etc at night. You probably get the real deal in Aus though so I dunno. Do not go to Adventure Cove, the water theme park. Sucks balls.

      At night you could go to Clarke or Boat Quay, lots of bars and good food around as well. East Coast for seafood on another night, either Jumbo Seafood or Long Beach Restaurant. Bugis Street/Arab Street is pretty good for local food and sheesha if you're into that. The Zoo, Night Safari, Reptile and Bird Parks are pretty gun, could visit those if you find you have nothing better to do. Shoppingwise there's Orchard Road for branded stuff, Sim Lim Square for pretty cheap electronics.

      Personally I'd go 2 days in Sentosa and 2 days out.
    20. Captain
      There's a casino in resorts world sentosa ftr. From RWS to the CBD would be ~20mins by cab but 30-60mins by public transport depending on the queue for the bus/train in Sentosa itself.

      You've been here before right? What are you planning to see?
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