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Jan 13, 1988 (Age: 29)

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M Faithful, 29

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Jun 27, 2017 at 5:12 PM
    1. Paddy
      Cool to see ya back champ .
    2. HeathDavisSpeed
    3. Frizzed
    4. Cribbage
    5. Paddy
      Good to see ya back mate.
    6. jazman84
      Yeh decent. Pumped cause the footy is on again. What was your take on the Cows and Broncos? Didn't look pretty.
    7. jazman84
      Oi mate, you dead?
    8. Dan
      Started watching The Newsroom as a result of one of your posts in the TV thread. Holy shit it is incredible.
    9. Wilson
      Haha yeah I just showed that to my brother, love it. Have a search for his interview on Newsnight. It got a fair bit of press as the media turned his words into making it sound like he said the US was being 9/11.
    10. Wilson
      Watch any of that Russell Brand shit I told you about chunt?
    11. Howe
      Nationaux is dead serious ftr
    12. Wilson
      No worries, I really like his views. Interested to see what you think.
    13. Wilson
      You been watching many of Russell Brand's interviews lately on revolution and even his YouTube series, The Trews? I dare say they'd tickle your fancy.
    14. Frizzed
      After reading your posts regarding Fifa I just thought you might like it.
    15. Frizzed
      Have you ever played Football Manager ?
    16. Paddy
      lol Such a double edged sword for JT. Good that he won the awards but Im certain he would have traded them for a shepard penalty in the Roosters game.
    17. Wilson
      Yeah mate. It'd be fucking unreal if he ever did. I don't know if I'm bias in thinking it but I wouldn't be surprised if he is picked in the emerging squad if they still do that. He's been sensational this year, especially playing out of position. I'm really hoping he gets a shot to play fullback next year, he's an entirely different player back there.
    18. Cribbage
      Yeah, tend to agree. I think Penrith have the better side, but not by much, and Canterbury have the better coach and more finals-hardened players with experience. I'm tipping Penrith but it might be a case of heart over head with that one; should be close anyway.

      And yeah I reckon we pretty much saw the grand final tonight. Anything can happen in a one off game obviously but I just find it really hard to see Canterbury or Penrith beating Souths.

      It's a bit of a shame as a neutral that Week 1 of the finals ended up how it did. Two teams I considered pretenders and an injury-decimated side all ended up on one side of the draw. Either Easts or Melbourne winning in Week 1 would've made for a much better final series.
    19. Paddy
      Yeah I don't blame the refs entirely because the first half was beyond embarrassing. Just found it bullshit that the calls started happening after it was 30 all. In parts I think the Cows got dudded but on others I think they had 20 minutes to score a match winner. Never let it be a close game because the risk is calls like in the last 10 minutes often go against them. Weird game indeed. The positives though are that 2015 will be promising like you said, they have needed a decent hooker for a long time.
    20. Paddy
      So shitty at that exit. Not because of the knock on call but there was a cows player taken off the ball in that replay. Not to mention the Roosters field goal came from giving them the ball back when they knocked on.

      Im disgusted at the Cowboys first half for sure but they did damn well to reel it to 30 all. Im frustrated as hell.
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