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Jan 14, 2023
    1. cpr
      Oh and BTW, Spa this season is on the August bank holiday... Few of my mates are pretty tempted by it, money permitting, so call this a heads up if you fancy it
    2. cpr
      Errm, not sure, haven't turned the PS on for over a month and its currently in a box at the new house. I think it's Johnny_Yen83 at a guess..... I'll get the TV moved today and get myself set up.
    3. Himannv
      It's good to be back, this place does grow on you. Married life is good, I made lots of changes and have a few responsibilities but it's been fun as well. How have you been, mate?
    4. Teacups
      Are you joining Bball sim mate? If so, what position were you thinking?
    5. Farhat
      Sheep thread. Get yo answers in. Ta.
    6. Baxter
      Sounds pretty similar - 3k was when I really started to struggle too.

      My issue was basically my upper back strength was non-existent and so my lower back compensated to keep me upright. Got in the gym, lifted some weights for my back and it fixed my posture and the lower back/shoulder problems I was having went away.
    7. Baxter
      Nothing too serious/chronic but when running anything other than sprints would give me some issues, yeah.
    8. GIMH
      TBF mate I didn't say I hate them. I went the Nou Camp when I went Barca (got kicked out at half-time for being too drunk and Messi didn't come on until the 75th minute, true story). I just dislike the pricing structure because it does drive away supporters and cater for that audience. Has to be a happy medium - especially for your Man U/Arsenal clubs with big stadia.
    9. GIMH
      Fair enough. That's why I've not had one in a while. Last season I would have got one but didn't have the cash at the time they went on sale and didn't want to put another monthly DD into our budget. Worked out well given I was overseas for 2 months. And then the 3 or 4 seasons before that I was travelling so much that midweek games were nigh on impossible.

      So next season is my first one in a good while. I imagine I will miss a couple of games, because it seems practically impossible not to these days for me with the kids and what not, but four games are free anyway and I'd be disappointed if I missed more than that, plus the likelihood that it'll mean cheap/free tix for FA Trophy and FA Cup 4th qualifying round (can't believe I'm actually writing that sentence - you must be able to empathise somewhat though...)
    10. GIMH
      I support the team that finished 92nd this season. I don't even know what quality means.

      Fiver? Wow!

      Not thinking about returning to having a season ticket now you ended your boycott?
    11. GIMH
      Going tonight? May watch if it's on any channel I have.
    12. Cribbage
      Sorry I didn't reply, I'd already bailed to watch the game. Did you end up finding something?
    13. Mariner
      I'm on the bet365 stream, sorry :(
    14. Cribbage
      Yeah that's when the coverage starts. Kick off won't be until about 11:05 though.
    15. zorax
      Heef asked me to. I actually have no idea how rugby works.
    16. Jager
      :wub: of course
    17. Chewie
      Dunno if I ever added you on my 3ds but my friend code is 0860-4398-6886

      Still haven't been on my wii yet
    18. Jager
      I did the usual thing, found myself a missus and seemingly disappeared in an instant. Good to be back though! Have I missed anything?
    19. Chewie
      Dunno if I even have one, I haven't been online on my wii before
    20. GIMH
      link me to that thread being talked about in the (cricsim) thread?
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