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Discussion in 'The Cesspit: Rugby League Discussion' started by Freddy, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. Boobidy BJ Gemmell

    I really do enjoy watching the Roosters struggle after the recruitment drive they had.
  2. Toolman TR Man

    Imagine your halfback and hooker playing that badly behind such a dominant pack and consecutive sets. They completely rolled the Dragons and the 'Australian halfback' offered absolutely nothing and 'the next qld hooker' could barely even pass one decent ball to his halfback. The coach needs to change the structures to suit Cronk as well.. he is not Pearce, he cannot play expansively with speed energy and instinct, he wants to have constant structured options. He was completely lost running across the field and eventually just passing it along.
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  3. Boobidy BJ Gemmell

    Don't think many have considered Friend the next QLD hooker for the last 2-3 years.
  4. Cribbage RG Cribb

    Definitive proof that Pearce is better than Cronk IMO.
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  5. Maroon_Faithful M Faithful

    Indeed. Especially those proud Roosters fans who’ve been booing him.
  6. Alec AD Funkotron

    I fully expect cocaine to be """found""" on Friend and some other underperforming high salary players soon.
  7. Toolman TR Man

    do the Roosters have an up and coming halfback in the lower grades? or is there no plan at all at the moment for after Cronk?
  8. Lukic L Popovic

    Nathan Cleary lol.
  9. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

    I fully expect Nathan Cleary to end up at the Roosters at some point.

    There's also a bloke running around for Newcastle that looks like he'd still have another 3-4 years in him once Cronks gone.
  10. Toolman TR Man

    also, what happened to manu's footwork? he was making breaks out of nothing when he first debuted. now he never makes breaks, a couple of games ago he had space and i thought for sure he'd do something but he didn't do nothing. he's become more dependable but he's also lost his spark already

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