Super Rugby 2016

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  1. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    Next bet is for the canes and chiefs to both win...
  2. Starris ER Starris

    Chiefs are missing a lot of players.

    Should still win though.
  3. Fiery GR Smith

    That's a paddlin'. Canes will be hard to beat in this
  4. Rego RS Hutchinson

    That was an outstanding performance especially in those conditions. By far the worst ever conditions I've encountered at Westpac.

    Sooo happy.
  5. Fiery GR Smith

    Crusaders really struggling against the Lions. I remember it was not long ago the Lions were the joke of the comp. They've come a long way.
  6. Fiery GR Smith

    Chiefs going medieval on the Stormers.

    34-14 at HT

  7. Fiery GR Smith

    And that's the 50 up :toot:

    What a team!
  8. Fiery GR Smith

    60 points up :gora:
  9. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    TAB account now $270 odd dollars [MENTION=2357]Rego[/MENTION].

    Will be sad when super rugby is over won't know what to bet on next.
  10. Rego RS Hutchinson

    Mitre 10 Cup

    Good week for me too, stayed away from that Saders one and went for the triple (Landers, Canes, Chiefs)

    Canes will be mass favourites with all the travel the teams are having to do.
  11. Fiery GR Smith

    Travel doesn't matter any more Rego.

    These guys get pampered on flights and have much better recovery techniques these days.

    Chiefs will beat the Canes...because we're better
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  12. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    I had the triple and the quad, I predicted the lions would win.

    When are the chiefs flying back home guys and do they cross the date line etc
  13. Rego RS Hutchinson

    Pretty sure they'll be on the next flight, I know the Landers are. Basically they try to get there ASAP.
  14. Rego RS Hutchinson

    :Laugh: I think it'll be a good game but you can't deny how well the Canes have been playing. The travel factor doesn't help the Chiefs at all.
  15. Hurricane JD Hurricane


    The Cheifs won the last match between these teams. And the only reason why the Canes were going to win is that our scrummaging was non existant. Look for a better effort from us this time around. I was going to say the loss of Coles will you hurt you at scrum time but he is a weak scrummager anyway so yeah. Look for us to match you up front. Also I don't even think Bird played that game by memory, could be mistaken. Also if we start Donald we will be in good shape vs the mercurial Seta.
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  16. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    [MENTION=2357]Rego[/MENTION]? [MENTION=168]Fiery[/MENTION]

    Your views preferably with a detailed analysis
  17. Fiery GR Smith

    I don't think Coles is a bad scrummager tbh
  18. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    I don't like the cut of his jib.

    So unless he is clearly superior at something such as his ball running skills in the loose, then I don't plan to give him any credit.

    I think he is an agitator and doesn't have the muscle to take care of backing up his mouth and is protected by new laws banning fighting. Back in the day he would have been learned some hard lessons.

    I also think his lineout accuracy has only come of age in the last 18 months and is only due to him getting expert coaching in the AB set up. He is actually playing at levels above his talent.
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  19. Rego RS Hutchinson

    Will post one of both semis tomorrow.
  20. Fiery GR Smith

    He can be abrasive and rub refs up the wrong way but did you ever see Fitzy play? :laugh:

    He's a truly world class player far the best in the world in his position.
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