2020 NRL Season

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  1. Magic AJ Parker

    Titans $9 with the Roosters missing left winger, left centre, left 2nd rower, right 2nd rower and right winger.

    Almost inevitable that they will leak points on both edges, I thought Titans showed some genuine improvement last week against a depleted Panthers side plus if they get Brimson back...

    I dunno... that $9 is juicy.
  2. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    Unlucky Brisbane. But you played well against the form team of the comp.
  3. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    I wouldn't touch the $9 Magic.
    Part of winning is being used to winning. Easts are used to winning.
  4. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    Some great matches in the next 24 hours - Hurricane recommends watching

    - Titans v Roosters
    - Manly vs Penrith
    - Storm v Knights
  5. Lukic L Popovic

    Fuck what an embarrassment.

    Our backs are fucking useless. We're missing Leilua immensely, he's the only back that doesn't crab sideways or get absolutely fucked when he's carrying it out of our own end.

    Our forwards don't do shit. We had about 5 sets in a row where maybe 1 forward had a hitup at best. You aren't going to win going 1 out with 90 kilo backs and Chris Lawrence for massive stints. Fmd.

    Doueihi is either playing way too injured, or fucking useless or both. Watching him to try to tackle as the last line of defence is a joke. 2, possibly 3 tries which shouldn't have been scored directly because of him.

    Garner was becoming a good hole running second rower on the left edge and had tons of pace. What does Madge do? Tell him to bulk up and then move him to the right? Why? He's useless now too.

    Nofoaluma's fine but needs to stop with the cutting in field shit though. Just step the first guy and run at the smallest guy or the biggest gap you can see. Don't run 30m sideways so then when we spread it right you're still in field.

    The goal kicking has been a joke for about 13 years now, with the exception of having Pat Richards for a couple years. Aside from him, I don't remember having a guy in our team since Hodgson that I remember being confident when they'd step over a kick. Moses was a shit kicker with us and now he's one of the best at Parra so it's obviously coachable. Fuck know what's being coached to our guys though.

    We've got Brooks til 2024 ffs. Just fuck him off and pay half his contract. Why is he on the bench; what is his purpose? To put bombs up and run like a retard? Why aren't we signing players like Cust who have potential but can't get a run. Why not bring back Jackson Hastings? Fuck me.

    We're still capable of playing really well but there's a point where we just shit ourselves completely in every match. I have little doubt we're going trounce Newcastle next week and then shit the bed against the Dogs. We'll upset a couple teams that a better than us, then have a match against Parra resting their stars in round 20 for a spot in the 8 and we'll lose it to come 9th. This shit is predictable and a joke.
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  6. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    The missed kicks were huge
  7. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

    I'm with you here. I was suprised that Roosters didn't come out and blitz Warriors on the back of the Raiders lost. Titans seem to have had a huge attitude shift, few promising players there and Immortal Tyrone Peachey off the bench. Titans are at $10 on ladbrokes or a $2 line of 20. Both worth a few pesos.
  8. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

    Tyrone Peachey last try scorer into Titans at the line (20) $45.28 on lad brokes. License to print money
  9. Tartmaster AJ James

    I dislike Peachey a little bit more every time I see him play
  10. Tartmaster AJ James

    I swear at least 50% of Jake Friends passes are forward
  11. Boobidy BJ Gemmell

    Turpin showed last night he is the best QLD hooker available, probably best hooker in the world.
  12. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    Some hyperbole here maybe?
    Turpin has some development areas namely he shows up in the backline when they try to spin it wide. ideally unless you are one of these newage locks like Radley no hooker or member of the forward pack should insert themselves into a sweeping back line movement.
  13. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    That's ok. That is your goal as a hooker. 70% is too much 50% means you are giving good service for your forwards to hit the ball at full pace to facilitate a good hit up.

    Egan our dude is more criminal than Friend and has only been called once all season.
  14. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    Magic hopefully listened to my Kiwi advice and didn't place the bet. Did you take the $9 bait or did you resist Magic?
  15. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    Best Hookers in no particular order (not injured)

    Mcinnis when he plays there

    Step down

    Next Generation elite
    Harry Grant

    Step down

    Hint of promise
  16. AVA T Delonge

    Mahoney can eat a dick I guess.
  17. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    Some think it is an act to get out of his contract.
  18. Boobidy BJ Gemmell

    Turpin is better than Friend, McInnis and Api.
  19. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    Big call. I like posts like this. Prepared to take a position.
    I will have another look at some of the game footage later today.
  20. Magic AJ Parker

    I never bet against my side, and very rarely ever bet on them. Last week was probably the first time I have bet on them since 2010 when I took them to win the premiership at $36. They ended up losing the grand final. Just like last week they almost lost the Warriors...

    Purely out of superstition.

    Although like SP I never would’ve taken the Titans to win outright I would’ve taken them with a chunky head start. $9 was just representative of some really good value in that market as a whole. I think in the modern day game you can get away with a compromised middle third, if you’re missing a chunk of middles you can work your way through it but defensive and offensively combinations on edges are just too crucial.

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