2020 NRL Season

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  1. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    Glad Capewell is not a warrior. We chased him when his contract came up last.
  2. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

    Luai is so so soooo good.

    Dumb half from south's though. Mansour and To'o are so integral to the start of panthers sets with their hit ups and are real rocks or diamonds players,,,so they continually kick to mr blue collar reliable Dylan Edwards and let them get set to go to work. Stupid

    And fuck me Nicholls is average for souffs
  3. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

    Quite a few calls went south's way that half too.
  4. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

    First time they get it near a winger, there's a fuck up
  5. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

    First time they get it near a winger, there's a fuck up
  6. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

  7. Alex AJ O'Driscoll

    The riff absolutely guzzling metres but only up 2.
  8. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

    Flop from cook on that Crichton f up
  9. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

    Such a dumb game from the Rabbits.

    Will be interesting to see what the line up is for the big dance for panthers, Tetavano was shocking tonight, Capewell is just not a hole hitter, I don't really follow the logic with Naden on the bench. Interesting week
  10. Magic AJ Parker

    Geez 3 consecutive preliminary final loses for Souths... you gotta feel for them...

    Jk, you gotta love it!
  11. Boobidy BJ Gemmell

    Jesus christ
  12. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    He's only 22 at the moment Boobiddy. Am projecting he will be twice as good at 26.

    Edit: The benchmark to make it is Andrew Johns apparently.
  13. jazman84 JM Eightyfour

    Fuck it would have been great if Reynolds pulled off that 40/20
  14. jazman84 JM Eightyfour

    Nicholls has had a good year. As a bench prop likely on a low wage, he gives them value.
  15. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

    Whatever they're paying him its too much.
  16. Magic AJ Parker

    13 out of the last 15 premiers will come from teams who finished in the top 4 and won their first finals game earning themselves a week off.

    Value of top 4 and week off is enormous, maybe more than ever given the comp has been going 21 weeks straight now with no scheduled break.
  17. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

    Was actually a pretty good move getting May into the centres, Naden came up with a few shocking efforts on Morris the match prior. Still gives the utility cover too.

    I was banging on about it last night but my god it was stupid kick options from Souths on the last last night, with Penrith you've got two wingers that can come up with clangers with kicks, but also do a ton of work on the early hit ups. So you continually kick to a very safe full and allow those two wingers to both wind up to get a set going, allowing Penriths forwards to not have to rush back to get the set going, can instead get there by tackle 3. For a majority of the match Penriths forwards looked fresh, whereas Rabbits were bunched and wrecked. A large part of that was To'o and Mansour combining for over 400 metres, a bunch of tackle breaks and got Penrith going again and again, with the fresh forwards then able to over run the Souths pack and Korisau/Yeo nabbing 6 agains etc etc.

    Will be interesting to see if Storm nullify that, I'd think peppering whichever winger has dropped and leaving a second rower out to lead the chase will pay huge dividends, through either errors or fatigue.
  18. Toolman TR Man

    Reckon Storm will win. Penrith beat Roosters by 1, Canberra beat Roosters by 4, Melb beat Canberra by 20 = Melb beat Penrith by 23
  19. Maroon_Faithful M Faithful

    I said at the start of the year no Latrell will be the difference for them. And that was before they signed Morris, who played exceptionally all year.
  20. Maroon_Faithful M Faithful

    Wighton winning the Dally M is a joke to me. If he was better than Cleary, Tedesco, RTS, Gutherson etc then im an astronaut.

    Then again, i tend to think Smith is the best player or at least the most valuable player in nearly every match he plays.

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