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Jul 19, 2023
    1. Captain
      During the day there's no must see as such, but you can look into visiting Sentosa (Universal Studios theme park there goes alright). In the evening I suggest you get up to the Marina Bay Sands Skybar and get a couple of drinks. The view from there is seriously fantastic, plus you'll be able to see the F1 in action even though it's far away. You should call in advance though because there might be a lot of people up there for that reason. There's a casino at MBS as well if you're interested.

      Google other stuff like Gardens by the bay, river safari, orchard road to see what interests you.
    2. Starris
      Tried to log in... failed... in theory they are sending me a new password but nothing yet.
    3. Furball
      Good to see you back. How's married life treating you?
    4. Starris
      Yeah completely understand. Whatever is best for you and your family. Good to see you though.
    5. Teacups
      Haha, the more the merrier.

      You were never banned btw. I just changed your password so you couldn't log in. :p
    6. Teacups
      Look what the cat dragged in :p
    7. Starris
      All good here! Job done... found some money for you too! You hanging around? You've been doing ok in a few sims!
    8. Starris
      Will try and log in tomorrow.
    9. Mariner
      Yeah, definitely.good to see you about too!
    10. HeathDavisSpeed
      They'd be overjoyed to have you sign, I'm certain of it. So much so, I would suggest you go ahead and sign.
    11. HeathDavisSpeed
      Hey buddy. Whilst you're around, could you sign a Seasonal Rugby contract? You were with the Hurricanes and I'm sure they'd be keen to sign you. The Sharks would also be very keen I'm sure.
    12. Sultan Pepper
      Sultan Pepper
      Himannv how's everything going over there with the Tamils? The medias going nuts with this latest boat situation. When I was there last year the people I spoke too seemed pretty positive about future relations
    13. Teacups
      I'm heading to bed soon. Save my email somewhere outside of cricsim. When I wake up, I will change your password and just email me when you want back in. Actually I might be back in 15 mins or so before I head to bed so just give me the green light when you're ready and I'll get it done.
    14. Teacups
      Yeah I will PM you now with my email. I will give you my Facebook name too in the case I don't check my mail for a couple of days and you really want back soon, just inbox me there. When do you want it done?
    15. Teacups
      I can ban you, yeah. But I'd rather not. Would you rather I just change your password though and you shoot me a message on Facebook or something when you want it again?
    16. Skippos
      nah like instead of getting 10 infraction points for a 1 day ban they give you more infraction points to de-incentivise people knowingly breaking the rules
    17. Skippos
      All good xo. Why you trying to get banned though?

      p.s. if you intend to get banned the penalty goes up like heaps or something.
    18. Mousey
      Cheers, I won't be able to pick til tonight though.
    19. BoshtrichBurger
      Will get onto it now. Sorry man.
    20. BoshtrichBurger
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