The Grizzlies

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  1. Escath LE Schaw

    Most ducks imo.
  2. Das09 S Das

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  3. Kegdrinker LA Pilgrim

    I wouldn't be a good choice to open with.
  4. Das09 S Das

    We could swap you with JS Shiva, bat you at 3 and push me down to 4. Denton to confirm
  5. nz0003 JR Denton


    1. <a href=>PE Trainer</a>
    2. <a href=>LA Pilgrim</a>
    3. <a href=>DW Lewis</a>
    4. <a href=>S Das</a> (5)
    5. <a href=>LE Schaw</a>
    6. <a href=>MJ Johns</a> (4)
    7. <a href=>JS Shiva</a>
    8. %RE Hallett
    9. <a href=>JR Denton</a> (1)
    10. <a href=>AJ Izett</a> (2)
    11. <a href=>SA Humble</a> (3)

    Overs 1-4: Denton and Izett
    Overs 5-8: Humble and Johns
    Overs 9-12: Das and Izett
    Overs 13-16: Das and Johns
    Overs 17-20: Humble and Denton

    Reckon we're going to struggle big time tbh. A half decent opening batsman would be handy.
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  6. Das09 S Das

    We will be bowling one spinner huh :p ? IMO Overs 13-16 : Das and Hallett as those overs are suited for spinners.
  7. nz0003 JR Denton

    Hallet's rating is just too shit tbh.
  8. Das09 S Das

    Then get a good spinner and an opening batsman in the 2nd draft :p
  9. GYR DW Lewis

    I refuse to play with ****s like Hallett in the team. **** him off please.

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