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Discussion in 'Rugby Union Discussion' started by Squeaks, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. Squeaks ZW Poole

    I was willing to accept a genuine answer but what you said wasn't.
  2. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    Your a hard taskmaster at best and unreasonable at worst. You asked a question I didn't realise there was such a high bar for the quality of the answer, I answered off the top of my head. Your response was ott as I answered in good faith and wasn't trolling. Colin slade was even in the current World Cup squad. Be more patient with people if they mean well please.
  3. Squeaks ZW Poole

    I understand I may have been a bit harsh but to me I was simply meaning their is no one better at kicking than Barrett that I would want in the starting XV for the All Blacks next year.

    It's all very well to say Slade and Taylor can kick (as they can very well) and have been in the All Blacks but I was saying is there possibly another option than Barrett, the answer I now know being no.
  4. Rego RS Hutchinson

    Still got a full season of Super Rugby ahead of us mate, could be some gems start to spark.
  5. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    Ok all good.
  6. BoyBlunder BOY Blunder

    aaaaaannnddd.... Burgess goes back to League :laugh:

    Can't say I'm that disappointed... although I would have like to have seen his progression as a 6
  7. Weeman27bob BE Force

    Found Rego!

  8. Squeaks ZW Poole

    Half a season ;)
  9. Hurricane JD Hurricane

  10. Rego RS Hutchinson

    That was actually me :ninja:
  11. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

  12. Roaddogg AJ Izett

    That was great. Though no "hes digging like a demented mole" or "thats a huge gary owen"
  13. Droos JP Rhodes

    "That's a huge gary owen" is such an iconic line. :laugh:
  14. Droos JP Rhodes

  15. Hurricane JD Hurricane


    Noticed you were back. Give your comments on the world cup plox
  16. Fiery GR Smith


    What's a plox?
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  17. Rego RS Hutchinson

    Means please.
  18. Fiery GR Smith

    I was very happy with the result of the tournament. And with the form of Dan Carter who stuck it up all the Hurricane and Rego :laugh:

    But it was a foregone conclusion. And the Aussies just weren't good enough.
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  19. Rego RS Hutchinson

    Carter was shit in pool stages. Only came to life in play offs (thankfully).
  20. Fiery GR Smith

    :rolleyes: He was not shit in pool play.

    World Player of the Year right there ;)

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