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    1. Cabinet96
    2. Riddy
      seems like you owe me an apology ;)
    3. Athlai
      Can you punch Luffers in the face and take a photo of it?
    4. loganb
      Right. and did anything you ever learnt after that tell you that specifically a hum being is not influenced by their enviromental factors.

      This is so patently obvious it feels like you're now just arguing this for the sake of it. So I'm going to stop this now before the thread is derailed further. We've already drifted completely offtopic

      I never said that though. I admitted that it does have an influence. What i said was that it will have an influence, but if you're gonna change, you're gonna change regardless of your environment.
    5. Mike
      Watch "Steins;Gate"

      It's insane
    6. Howe
      I see it's that time of the year where everyone tries to have you in bballsim again
    7. Eds
      Hey mate, fancy joining BBallSim? Happy to give you advice on your rego, but the Hurricanes are looking for new rookie recruits for next season when we're admitted and it'd be great to get even more depth to the England talent pool too.
    8. Callum
      Logan is out mate, need to replace him in the Warriors line-up.
    9. Arheiner
      Numbers don't really come into this, I'm pretty much prepared to take everyone, if they want to play.
    10. HeathDavisSpeed
      Spartans draft picks mate, I think you've got a few owing.
    11. MrPrez
      Ah yeah, I'd be screwed then. Particularly given the differences in curriculum between universities. I've pretty much rebelled against the school system for the past few years in terms of academics, so yeah.
    12. MrPrez
      Would that be curriculum-based tests or tests of general intelligence and the sort? Because if it was the latter I reckon I'd stand a decent chance :p But yeah, no way I'd be able to go anyways. University here is about half the price I'd pay at Sheffield, let alone Oxford :p
    13. MrPrez
      Fair enough. Did some research and it seemed like Sheffield was the top around for journ.

      I 99.9% won't be studying out of SA, though I'd like to personally. More looking around of interest, though I really can't see my parents ever allowing it given they'd be bankrolling me entirely and wouldn't want me so far away. But there's no reason not to look around.

      I'd be interested in places like Oxford except I'm pretty sure my marks wouldn't be good enough - I average around 80% which is scraping an overall A average. If they looked extensively at non-curricular abilities and work I'd have a better chance, but I doubt it haha.
    14. MrPrez
      Well, what's its reputation? A good uni? Is having "Sheffield University" on your CV a good or bad thing? How's the town?

      Just doing research and it's always better to hear from non-biased people haha.
    15. MrPrez
      Sheffield university - yay or nay?
    16. Gazza
      Wanna join BBallSim?
    17. Riddy
      loling that we forgot Podolski. even after you said who was most recent #9 haha.
    18. loganb
      Not gonna talk on here? :p
    19. loganb
      Although how do you fancy Moussa Sissoko for £9million?
    20. loganb
      What so you can try and make me pay more than £20mill for Moutinho? Pssshh, I don't thin so!
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