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  1. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    Dan Carter's performance in the last twenty minutes of the final was god like. I have never seen anything like it and never will again. He beat the Saffers, he nailed the door shut on the Wallabies.
  2. Fiery GR Smith

    All Blacks did what they had to do in pool play. Player workloads and injury risk were managed superbly by Shag.

    And Carter controlled his games well and knocked nearly all his goals over.
  3. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    What did he do to manage injury risk given the two starting locks started most matches. A lot of it was luck.
  4. Fiery GR Smith

    Whatever he worked.

    Both locks stayed niggle-free. He wouldn't have played them otherwise.
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  5. Fiery GR Smith

    It helped having the best team in the tournament by miles though I suppose.
  6. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    I think our performance in the Final was close to being ridiculous at times. We just decided we would win. We did things I have never seen done before on a rugby field. We brought our whole bag of tricks and played our A game.

    That said the game would have been closer had Toomua come on for Giteau rather than Beale.
  7. Fiery GR Smith

    SBW offload and the Nonu run for his try were fistpump moments. As were Carters cool-headed drop goals and long range penalty. The retiring old boys were superb.

    Perfect result for a perfect career for Richie McCaw (except for 2007 WC. Thanks Wayne)
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  8. Rego RS Hutchinson

    I believe it was Nonu that won that title. Really desevred too. Best year of rugby he ever played for us. He really provides so much more structure in our back line, gonna be missed.
  9. Fiery GR Smith

    No Rego. Carter who won the player of the year in the World Rugby Awards. Nonu won the NZ Rugby Awards player of the year.
  10. Rego RS Hutchinson

    I don't take those world player awards into account. Always been a farcial.
  11. Fiery GR Smith

    (Or you could just admit you were wrong)

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