LIVE TRIAL: Rest of Australia vs Great Britain

Discussion in 'Matches' started by Eds, May 29, 2009.

  1. Doog J McDougal

    Any answer to this?
  2. Eds E Ames

    Cos the when you get to read everything that is happening, I don't want to go through ratings that could be inaccurate and getting people dropped when they have actually had good games.
  3. Doog J McDougal

    makes sense. pretty good game from me as far as I can tell then...
  4. BoyBlunder BOY Blunder

    But surely you would just use the same rating system as before... I don't get what has changed... also this way we have no way of knowing who did have a good game and who didn't.

  5. Eds E Ames

    You can read who has had a good game! The rating system is not very accurate and can be biased towards certain positions. It really isn't that good.
  6. BoyBlunder BOY Blunder

    Tbf though I don't think I heard some people's names at all. Luffman did nothing. Don't think I heard Edwards either, or the Laing's... need to have a rating system or stats, as what you give us is just who's involved in the Tries.
  7. Doog J McDougal

    Can you put the ratings up for this game, so we can read through, and compare percieved performances to ratings?
  8. Eds E Ames

    Nah, I am not gonna do ratings for this game.
  9. BigDougy DG Dafter

    Happy to get a game. I was mentioned once in commentary....wooo hoooo!! some stats would be nice, even the biased ones.
  10. Eds E Ames

    All there tbh.
  11. BoyBlunder BOY Blunder

    But like I said... it only shows you the tries... not the nitty gritty bits that are key.

    NEED a ratings system, or a stats output.
  12. Farny AP Farnsworth

    LMAO. Should that be stretch?...There was another porno moment somewhere...

    Anyway, I preferred this way of doing it. Not perfect, but better.
  13. BoyBlunder BOY Blunder

    LOL! You forwards... who knows what goes on in those scrums.
  14. Eds E Ames

    Lol. Wanted to see if anyone would pick that up :p
  15. Farny AP Farnsworth

    Haha, I'm a back on here :ninja:
  16. BoyBlunder BOY Blunder

    Any chance to escape eh... did notice you put down emergency back row however :p
  17. Farny AP Farnsworth

    Yeah, I was thinking of Nonu. Seen him pack down at 8/6 a few times.
  18. BoyBlunder BOY Blunder

    Haha its annoying Eds said we have to use our cricsim names... Farnikolo was a beast :p
  19. Farny AP Farnsworth

    Haha, yeah.

    I geniunely think that if I had another yard or two of pace, I'd be a pretty good winger in real life.
  20. BoyBlunder BOY Blunder

    If I had another couple of inches I would be a beastly flanker... Luffers to c.
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