LIVE - Round 6 - Lions v Sticky Wickets at The Den

Discussion in 'Season 8 Archive' started by Cribbage, May 18, 2009.

  1. Cribbage RG Cribb

    1. BH Borisc
    2. JE McGrath
    3. B Dover
    4. ND Short
    5. BS Read
    6. A Pimpkins
    7. SJ Nova
    8. RE Hallett
    9. GJ Weaver
    10. BJ Taylor
    11. SJ Surkelton

    Sticky Wickets
    1. DG Speirs
    2. JP Thornton
    3. DA Alessi
    4. TA Miokovic
    5. AJ Parker
    6. JEM Logan
    7. BMT Con
    8. NJ Stacker
    9. S Smith
    10. N Spinks
    11. JT Whicker

    Post-Game Injuries Report
    BH Borisc - injured for 1 round
    SJ Nova - injured for 1 round
  2. SuperNova SJ Nova

    FFS injured?! What is this!

    My first ever injury!
  3. Sik_Slogga SLO Graham

    Injuries for Lions!!! Ouch.

    Meh, Go Stickies I guess.
  4. BoyBlunder BOY Blunder

  5. Cribbage RG Cribb

    Logan making his Bannerman Shield debut.
  6. Speirz DG Speirs

    Must say, we're extremely lucky with injuries.
  7. BoyBlunder BOY Blunder

    Back for GB though. :)
  8. BoyBlunder BOY Blunder

    Blatantly going to fail :p
  9. SuperNova SJ Nova

    Thats good at least.

    Meaning I'm making the team? :p jokes lol.
  10. Cribbage RG Cribb

  11. SuperNova SJ Nova

    Carn LIONS!
  12. Speirz DG Speirs

    ****. Didn't want to be bowling first.
  13. SuperNova SJ Nova

    Solid start with the bat! Hopefully we keep it up
  14. Speirz DG Speirs

    The old-timers (Smith, Stacker, Con) to shine for us IMO.
  15. BMT BMT Con

    Need some wickets.
  16. BoyBlunder BOY Blunder

    I think you and Callum are having a game each... defo in the squad.
  17. SuperNova SJ Nova

    Looking pretty solid. Hopefully we can get 400+
  18. BoyBlunder BOY Blunder

    Wow lions gunning...
  19. Ged GEC King

    Alessi at 3 should be interesting. Is Sheehan dropped or injured?
  20. Luffers JRE Luffman

    Good man!

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