LIVE - Round 6 - Lions v Sticky Wickets at The Den

Discussion in 'Season 8 Archive' started by Cribbage, May 18, 2009.

  1. Speirz DG Speirs

    Dropped. He and Humble.
  2. Sik_Slogga SLO Graham

    Good start for Lions, Mcgrath just short of 50 unlucky.
  3. BMT BMT Con

    Slow run-rate...wickets should fall with the added pressure.
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  4. SuperNova SJ Nova

    2 quick wickets. Ouch.

    Need to regroup here.
  5. Speirz DG Speirs

    Wait until you see me bat.:p
  6. Cribbage RG Cribb


    Humble obviously needed to be dropped but with the pitch the way it is (3 for medium assistance) they couldn't play Laing, so they played Smith. That left them with only two seamers (once of which was Spinks on a pitch that doesn't suit him at all) so they drafted Logan in for Sheehan.

    It's a balance thing.
  7. Ged GEC King

    Was it partly because you wanted a third seamer in Logan or did you just lose patience with him?
  8. Cribbage RG Cribb

    See my post. :p
  9. SuperNova SJ Nova

    Logan drops a big one, Dover quickly fires in some quick boundries.

    Need Dover and Read to be solid here.. *touch wood*
  10. Speirz DG Speirs

    Needed the third seamer. He and Flash have been the worst two batsman, and Flash has been at 3 when he's listed as an opener.
  11. SuperNova SJ Nova

    Read dropped there, hopefully Read can capatilise
  12. Speirz DG Speirs

    I opened with a maiden. Shock horror!
  13. SuperNova SJ Nova

    Lets see if Pimpkins can get some form in FC now..
  14. SuperNova SJ Nova

    errr jinx much
  15. Speirz DG Speirs

    Time to rip through. Well under 400 would be nice.
  16. SuperNova SJ Nova

    Need to stay in with Read here.

    Hope I can *touch wood*
  17. Speirz DG Speirs

    Get your hands off me!
  18. Speirz DG Speirs

  19. SuperNova SJ Nova

  20. SuperNova SJ Nova


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