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Discussion in 'Entertainment Lounge' started by HeathDavisSpeed, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Maroon_Faithful M Faithful

  2. Maroon_Faithful M Faithful

    On a Talking Heads binge lately. Anyone else like them?
  3. Julian BJ Taylor

    sort of. I just can't do entire albums of such ott 80s sounds though.
  4. Maroon_Faithful M Faithful

    Yeah I really haven't sat down and listened to their albums from start to finish. Some of their songs are gems though in an otherwise ordinary period of music.

    Psychokiller, Road To Nowhere, One In A Lifetime...
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  5. Julian BJ Taylor

    Haha my old man was probably in his 30s throughout most of the 80s and virtually didn't have any records from that period. He reckons music had a time out period or something similar.

    For that reason I'm really limited when it comes to 80s music and I don't think that will ever change. Was a 90s kid myself.
  6. Maroon_Faithful M Faithful

    Same with my old man. Hardly any records from the 80's. It was a shit period for a lot of things. Fashion, movies, music. 90's and 70's burn the fuck outta the 80's.
  7. Maroon_Faithful M Faithful

    I really like this live performance. Byrne was such a talent. Cunt absolute despises the rest of the band and they him...:laugh:. He was Talking Heads though. No doubt about that.
  8. Maroon_Faithful M Faithful

  9. Julian BJ Taylor

    Yeah Burning Down the House is what their known for by most IMO.
  10. Maroon_Faithful M Faithful

  11. Maroon_Faithful M Faithful

    Sometimes I can't decide if I like The Eagles or hate them. I know a lot of their songs by heart and have been listening for like 20 years but I've never bought an album or sat and listened to one all the way through.

    I like Hotel California, although I think it's one of the most overrated rock songs of all time. And I like Desperado as well as Lyin' Eyes. I don't mind Take It Easy, Peaceful Easy Feeling and One Of These Nights.

    Life In The Fast Lane is garbage. As are Heartache Tonight, The Long Run and New Kid In Town.

    I just don't understand why they were so big. Greatest Hits 71-75 is the third highest selling album of all time.....of all time ffs, and it doesn't even have Hotel California on it. Imagine if it did.

    What do you blokes think of them?
  12. Storer BA Storer

    Nothing wrong with a bit of Al Green, tbh.
  13. Julian BJ Taylor

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    Though I do think Take it Easy and Peaceful Easy Feeling are pretty decent songs. They're like a shit adult contemporary America.
  14. Julian BJ Taylor

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    This is a song I re-discovered last year after not hearing it since I was very young and used to just listen to whatever my old man had on record.
  15. Julian BJ Taylor

    So the Js put me onto this guy:

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    I can't find a dl for the original version of his debut album (that he's re-releasing here, Britain and the States in English). I'd much prefer the Icelandic version but it's a cunt top find.
  16. Baxter MJ Deane

    Asgeir (y)
  17. Maroon_Faithful M Faithful

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    Classic Aussie pub music. Saw them a few years ago. Still quite tight.
  18. Julian BJ Taylor

    So I've finally tracked down some of Justin vernon's solo stuff from before Bon Iver (I'd only ever heard Deyarmond Edison albums, which are brilliant too) and on first listen it is fucking unreal. 3 songs into Hazeltons and I'm mesmerised.
  19. TheGreemSim ER Witters

    Did you like his blues band, The Shouting Matches? Admittedly I haven't heard his pre Bon Iver stuff with the exception of Volcano Choir before but that's what sold him to me as a top tier musician.
  20. Julian BJ Taylor

    Volcano Choir is post Bon Iver.

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