2022 NRL season thread

Discussion in 'The Cesspit: Rugby League Discussion' started by Magic, Mar 12, 2022.

  1. Maroon_Faithful M Faithful

    Its amazing how much RL has gone downhill these last few years. Try to get excited for finals but my god its trash. The new softening of the game has ruined it for me.
  2. jazman84 JM Eightyfour

    Absolutely ridiculous. And the reasoning even more retarded.

    And now he's likely out for the rest of theb finals with a hammy.
  3. Maroon_Faithful M Faithful

    Glad Canberra made the 8. U just know the Broncos would be gettin toweled up.
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  4. Magic AJ Parker

    How good was that, love me some finals footy.

    “Wins at this time of the year are so important” - Shane Flanagan…. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    Hudson Young would have to be close to an origin birth next year, definitely don’t want to go through another series of Murray being first choice.
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  5. Maroon_Faithful M Faithful

    What a kick by Holmes. 40m fg is difficult at any time let alone 90+ mins. Cows showing theyre no fluke.
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  6. Paddy P Orr

    To say I'm happy is an understatement. Making it to week 3 and having a Townsville game is huge for them.
  7. jazman84 JM Eightyfour

    Some really soft defence from both Cows and Sharks last night though. Guys wrestling over with like 3 players on them. They'll want to sort that out before playing any of the other sides still in the hunt.
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  8. Paddy P Orr

    Yeah the defence out wide from NQ was pretty shit. Taulagi needs to stop rushing in off his wing like he does sometimes.

    NQ did show they actually can defend decently through that final 10 and then through extra time. Just wish they could do that most of the game.
  9. Boobidy BJ Gemmell

    They're also no chance of winning. Sharks were blessed by the easiest draw I've ever seen. The only 3 sides evcen in the fight are Penrith, Roosters and maybe Eels.
  10. jazman84 JM Eightyfour

    Manu should be back for GF if they make it.
  11. jazman84 JM Eightyfour

    Radley is a moron. Yeah, there was nothing in it, but why give them an excuse?
  12. Maroon_Faithful M Faithful

    Theyre not contenders I agree but theyre a very big chance of making the GF now.

    Its Penrith's to lose, we all know that. Parra are no longer a chance imo. And Easts could well be gone in an hour.
  13. Maroon_Faithful M Faithful

    New rule, defenders arent allowed to touch the ball carrier. These pens and sin bins are beyond a joke. More than 50% are straight accidents. What was Lodge supposed to do there? Give me a fucking break.
  14. Maroon_Faithful M Faithful

    Tatola going to the bin for that and Easts getting the pen is a disgrace. Fmd
  15. Maroon_Faithful M Faithful

    The NRL has jumped the shark. In what world does that warrant 10 in the bin.
  16. Boobidy BJ Gemmell

    I'm so sick of the laying down for a penalty. NRL needs to make a rule, if you're not able to stand up and play the ball you must be taken off for a HIA.

    Penrith absolute morals for the premiership now.
  17. Cribbage RG Cribb

    Penrith fans cracking the champers after that result.
  18. jazman84 JM Eightyfour

    There is no doubt that they should win it.

    But I have this odd feeling that Canberra could do something from here. They remind me heaps of Warriors sides of 10-15 years ago where they'd be the most difficult to prepare for out of the final 6.
  19. Magic AJ Parker

    Still processing Sundays game.

    Over the past few years we've lacked any ability to control a game with a bit of emotion in it.

    I'm really worried about throwing Brandon Smith into that mix next year.
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  20. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

    Would love for the Grand Final to end up as Parra V Panthers

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