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  1. Magic AJ Parker

    The shoulder charge being banned from the game still shits me no end.

    But that one from Brown is exactly the type of hit that the game needed to come down tougher on.

    If you chose to shoulder charge and either time it wrong or make contact with the head then tough shit you are gonna be sitting on the sidelines for a long time. When you are hitting with that much force you've got to be self aware enough to make sure it's not careless.

    He knew exactly what he was doing too, should have been a send off IMO.

    And I love watching players like Brown, Burgess and JWH but when they all whinge the game is going soft it's generally a result from their needless cheap shots.
  2. AVA T Delonge

    Did Brown actually connect with the head? I thought it was shoulder to shoulder/chest,w is why DWZ didn't go off for a concussion check. Either way it was late and unnecessary/potentially dangerous so at the very least a sin-binning was warranted.
  3. Paddy P Orr

    Glad NQ lifted for Matt Scott after his stroke during the week.
  4. jazman84 JM Eightyfour

    Fuck Fifita is a machine. Broncos need to do eceything to keep them.
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  5. Alec AD Funkotron

    Him and Haas are absolutely freaks. Fifita took a bit longer to start going well, but he's starting to be really damaging too.
  6. jazman84 JM Eightyfour

    Boyd has no self belief anymore, how the fuck did he not just burrow there and score?

    Shit cunt.
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  7. jazman84 JM Eightyfour

    Needs to retire.
  8. jazman84 JM Eightyfour

    Do Broncos do any ball work at training or just hit the gym and practice spiral bombs?
  9. jazman84 JM Eightyfour

    Gillett has been such a bitch since he came back.
  10. Magic AJ Parker

    Well this turned out in an interesting finish.

    Fuck knows how they missed that forward pass from Gillett but makes for an interesting end.
  11. Magic AJ Parker

    That tackle from Cook on Oates!!

    Had no right.
  12. Magic AJ Parker

    Ofahengaue's defence on the Walker try and then the Cook try lost Brisbane that game, he got found out big time laterally tonight
  13. jazman84 JM Eightyfour

    There is something inherently wrong with Broncos defence as a whole. Has been for a while now. It's like there is no communication at all, and no one knows if they are going high, or low. They even knock each other away from locking up the ball.
  14. Magic AJ Parker

    Just looking at the last couple of rounds.

    In the last round teams 7th through to 11th all play each other over 3 games.

    First time in a while that the make up of the top 8 will be so strongly contested.

    Those sides make a pretty strong case for a top6 format but I be the NRL will be keeping a close eye on crowd and tv figures with their argument we must keep all games 'love.
  15. Magic AJ Parker

  16. Lukic L Popovic

    Sucks to think if Farah doesn't get injured we make the 8. We were in pretty good form up until that point.
  17. Paddy P Orr

    That and teams possibly making finals with a worse win ratio than the losses probably strengthen the top 6 argument.
  18. Toolman TR Man

    they are considering top 10 so they're definitely not going to go to top 6.
  19. Lukic L Popovic

    Tigers playing hookerless future ball. Here we go.
  20. Magic AJ Parker

    Sucks to think what they could've been if they just ran hookerless from the beginning.

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