2019 Ladder Predictions

Discussion in 'The Cesspit: Rugby League Discussion' started by morgieb, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

    I'm seeing Penrith either top 4 or bottom 4. Can't decide if Cleary is a master stroke or going to throw out the whole team dynamic.

    Easily the least I've ever cared about an NRL season though.
  2. Paddy P Orr

    Honestly am not sure what to expect of the Cows. Marking the new era tonight.
  3. Maroon_Faithful M Faithful

    I think if their heads are right, unlike last year, and they make some actual changes instead of playing the same predictable shit, they have too much quality to not do really well.
  4. Cribbage RG Cribb

    Eh I'm not convinced they're that great on paper anymore without Thurston. Great forward pack but their outside backs suck and their spine is meh at best. I don't think they'll have another mare like last season but I don't know about "really well" either. I reckon mid table.
  5. Maroon_Faithful M Faithful

    Their spine is better than what people think, imo.
  6. Alec AD Funkotron

    I think the Cows are fucking crazy if they go with TMM over Clifford, who is one of the brightest young halves in the NRL IMO.
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  7. Paddy P Orr

    With Clifford yeah but not great with TMM tbh.
  8. Magic AJ Parker

    Well it only lasted 3 rounds - for different reasons.
  9. Paddy P Orr

    Maybe not. Granville has been utter aids this season so far.
  10. AVA T Delonge

    So if the Doggies win on Sunday, all 3 Qld teams will be on the bottom of the ladder. Feels good.
  11. Maroon_Faithful M Faithful

    Can't remember that ever happening before.

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