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GIMH Martyn, from everybody's on the run

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Jun 29, 2024
    1. uvelocity
      will go fly half but not sure whether to spend on goalkcking or tactical
    2. uvelocity
      how and what position etc
    3. uvelocity
    4. The Boy Brumby
      The Boy Brumby
      Nah, Morrissey and AMC/Mark Eitzel I go full price for.
    5. The Boy Brumby
      The Boy Brumby
      I'll probz end up getting both, but have an adversion to paying full whack for CDs so will almost certainly wait til they hit the fiver mark in HMV.
    6. The Boy Brumby
      The Boy Brumby
      Both. But after Beck's main spell, before he came back briefly.

      Always remembered after Beck got the arse from his second spell we saw him in a local Cambridge nightclub getting absolutely arseholed (as, by all accounts, was his wont).

      Really shameful thing is he wasn't drinking beer or shorts but Bacardi fucking Breezers. Lost all respect for the man after that.
    7. The Boy Brumby
      The Boy Brumby
      Yeah, still have a crick in my neck from watching them under Beck.

      End vaguely justified the means, but it wasn't pretty, tbh.

      Much more fun under McFarlane; not as successful, but played some half decent stuff.
    8. The Boy Brumby
      The Boy Brumby
      Yep, made the (as was) Div 2 play-offs. Got our arse handed to us by Leicester in the semi and it's been all down hill ever since.
    9. Furball
      Nah, I'm having a wee browse through the footy thread.

      Called Dortmund winning the Champions League in November, which I'm pretty pleased with. And lolled at Uppercut calling de Gea League One standard.

      Might bump a few of Brumby's posts about AVB.
    10. Furball
      Also reported the filth on your CW wall, because I'm nice like that.
    11. Furball
      Absolutely nothing.
    12. The Boy Brumby
      The Boy Brumby
      I go both ways, actually. Was always a United man back in the day, but lad I used to play cricket with was a City nut and, as their ground was more conveniently situated for boozing afters, I kinda drifted across.

      Suspect if they played I'd still take the U's tho.
    13. Arheiner
    14. Eddie
      Any interest in joining the Warriors FM draft?
    15. HeathDavisSpeed
      Hey motherfucker. I'm playing football with Chris Greenacre tomorrow...
    16. Howe
      Feel like joining Warriors maf?
    17. Howe
    18. The Boy Brumby
      The Boy Brumby
      Augurs well for the new album, any road.

      Seems like they've made a conscious effort to move away from straight-ahead rock into something more complex and richer.
    19. The Boy Brumby
      The Boy Brumby
      It's quality, actually. Love the horns; give it an epic, late 60s kinda feel. Definitely the most out there thing they've done.
    20. The Boy Brumby
      The Boy Brumby
      Still not up to speed with your "left handed cunt" quote, btw.
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