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Discussion in 'CricSim Cricket' started by Eds, Jun 28, 2009.

  1. Baxter MJ Deane

    I liked the Pumas more when you were there as they had one more gun member than they do now
  2. Old Mate M Perry

    Don't eat his ass.
  3. Benny BS Read

    Lol at all the Gamblers hate - such envy
  4. Gazza GJ Weaver

    Yeah, all of those championships you have >_>
  5. Boobidy BJ Gemmell

    We've got plenty of spoons.
  6. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    Saders (my former team)
    Stickies (I think everyone would cheer if they won it all)
    Ravens (for taking Hedger #neverforget )
  7. Captain SSD Dong


    That's like NZ hating Australia because they won the World Cup fair and square
  8. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    Yeah, there's plenty of better reasons to h8 on the Ravens.
  9. Cribbage RG Cribb

    Yeah, like the fact you played for them. #foreverunclean
  10. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    How so?
  11. Cribbage RG Cribb

    Sledger had actually agreed to join the Ravens before the Cyclones had even approached him. Either he forgot or was just trolling. 100% sledger to blame for that and not us.
  12. Hurricane JD Hurricane

    As an emotional person I can lay blame to all associated with the transaction. The title of the thread was favourite teams which means that is all based on emotion and not logic. Logically I don't have a leg to stand on. But emotionally I have a strong case.
  13. Athlai JJD Heads

    Yeah fuck you Cribb.
  14. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    Having already played for them means it's still possible to complete the full set!

    It's not as if I deny history anyway. It's as grubby to me as having played on a rebel tour to an apartheid country or something. You don't like it, no one else likes it, but you can't deny it happened.
  15. Howe JHF Howe

    1. Allstars
    2. Ravens
    3. Crusaders
    4. Cyclones
    5. Vipers
    6. Stickies
    7. Pumas
    8. Stingrays
    9. Gamblers
  16. Cevno IV Narang

    Has anyone completed the full set i.e playing for all clubs ?

    Choco was the closest IIRC.
  17. Alec AD Funkotron

    Stinkrays are pretty much Redhacks right?
  18. SM MD Dorn

    8 Iron
    Pitching Wedge
    3 Wood
    Hush Hush
    The White House
  19. morgieb MC Burridge

    No. Choco played for all bar Ravens. Not sure who's next - Boob's played for 6 I think?
  20. 99* JJ Ritchie


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