S5, NS2: North vs. South - Completed

Discussion in 'Matches' started by HeathDavisSpeed, Aug 27, 2014.

  1. morgieb MC Burridge

  2. Baxter MJ Deane

    Oh man that's dire
  3. Gazza GJ Weaver

    Shocker :(
  4. Mariner CL Warrington

    Bleh, so disappointing.
  5. AVA T Delonge

    Never in doubt.
  6. the_killerz S Bakkum

  7. Howe JHF Howe

    I'm still trying to process what happened

    It seems to suggest that we lost thanks to Force getting completely schooled by a fucking fly half with seconds to go when all we had to do to keep the ball, but there can't be a player that incompetent, surely
  8. Weeman27bob BE Force

    It's not my fault people pass me the ball.
  9. azzal AJ O'Neill

    Yeah budddyyy
  10. stupersteve03 SJ Cambridge

    Tres close...
  11. Furball G Furball

    You're the one who gets in the way of the backs.
  12. Arheiner SIA Yates

    Another close one, but predictable really. Me and Gemmell shunting equally changing nothing too.
  13. Boobidy BJ Gemmell

    Worst game from me I've seen.
  14. MASTERS S Masters

    great game, Souths coming out on top, awesome
  15. kovana K Solosolo

    Well done souths!! Clean sweep!

    Feel for my fellow cnut Bombad..

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