Discussion in 'Tennis Sim' started by Skippos, May 10, 2012.

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  1. Skippos SM Morgan

    Marking atm so will do it tomorrow night @ all of y'all who are owed a friendly.
  2. Shiv CD Ochocinco

    I'll challenge you Skip if you're still doing friendlies.
  3. loganb JEM Logan

    What about those yet to be put into the database? :(
  4. MASTERS S Masters

    no worries skippos
  5. Droos JP Rhodes

    Can't wait for this to get into full swing tbh, although I suck as proven by the mini tourny.
  6. Iridium IT Lee

    Simming looks super simple which will be easy to follow. Just glad I won that mini tournament before I start getting wasted :p
  7. BigDougy DG Dafter

    Have you updated the db yet Skippos....would love to see me play...perhaps against Logie??
  8. Droos JP Rhodes

    Yeah, rub it in already. Fucking 6th . . .
  9. Skippos SM Morgan

    Sorting it all now. Waiting on an admin thing to start but I've got a bit of time over the next few days so planning will be occuring
  10. BigDougy DG Dafter

    Good stuff.
  11. MrPrez CM Dyer

    Don't complain:glare:

    Good to hear skippos.
  12. Droos JP Rhodes


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  13. Veez DJ Veza

    Awesome, Skip. Looking forward to seeing this get started.
  14. Droos JP Rhodes

    Need to get Roland Garros going here imo so we can be in time with RL.
  15. Eddie EI Morris

    Whats happening with this?
  16. Skippos SM Morgan

    There's one key thing I need to get this going that Cribb has to do.

    He's slightly lazy <_<
  17. Iridium IT Lee

    Too busy with Epicmafia probably.
  18. Veez DJ Veza

    Or LoL
  19. Chewie JA Chewie

    He hasn't come onto LoL yet :(
  20. Iridium IT Lee

    Thank goodness for that.
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