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Discussion in 'Tennis Sim' started by Flack, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Flack SA Flack


    Name: Scott Flack
    Age: 23
    Favourite Surface: [​IMG]

    Known for: Forehand return winners
    Weakness: Serve accuracy


    A quick riser through the junior scene after starting tennis professionally at age 17, his greatest victory as a 6-0,6-0,6-0 spanking of B. Gemmell in the final of Wimbledon.

  2. El Nino J Torres

  3. Doog J McDougal

    Name: James McDougal

  4. Luffers JRE Luffman


    Name: Jack Loughman
    Age: 18

    Preferred surface:


    Jack first impressed as a junior, winning the Wimbledon boys singles at 14 and reaching the final the following year, at 17 he turned pro and hasn't looked back, he's a big baseline player who has an excellent return, however on clay he can get caught out and under perform.

    He is the most highly rated Pom in the competition.
  5. Eddie EI Morris


    Name: Eddie Morris
    Age: 15
    Nationality: Spain
    Surface: Clay

    Weakness: Back Hand ;)

    Fresh from the Youth System following in Rafael Nadals footsteps, Got a good serve and a decent return. Main Weakness is BackHand. A very aggresive player who likes to come to the net and pressure his oppenants. Rumours also have it that there may be a doubles partnership with star Sam Graham :p
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  6. Rego RS Hutchinson

    Tbh I think mine is the only truthful one ATM ;) although I don't blame you guys for making stories up otherwise it'd be blank :ninja:
  7. Flack SA Flack

    Considering I don't play tennis, mines a lie... other then that it's 100% factual.
  8. Doog J McDougal

    I'm sorry, a weak volleyer who likes to come to the net? Think it through?
  9. Eddie EI Morris

    Thanks for pointing that out, changed it :p
  10. Rego RS Hutchinson

    He likes coming to the net and stripping that's how he wins the point at the net purely distraction.
  11. Stormer BH Borisc


    Name: Jamal Malik (Telemarketer name: John Smith)
    Age: 28
    Nationality: Indian
    Surface: Grass

    Strengths: Cracking cover drive, powerful pull shot, half volley
    Weakness: Knowledge of the game


    Born and raised by Optus telecommunication lines, John Smith has flourished to become a leading Indian tennis player. John always had a dream of playing professionally in the ATP tour but it was not until he won 20 million rupees on 'Who wants to be a millionaire' that he got a chance to get training from the great Sania Mirza. John is the living embodiment that shows, if you have enough money, you can get anywhere.

    In 2008, there was an investigation on possible steroid use with a negative doping test but it was realized that he was too skinny to have possibly used steroids.
  12. Rego RS Hutchinson

    Fixed it
  13. Mousey AJ Son

  14. Stormer BH Borisc

  15. Rego RS Hutchinson

    Changed names tbh
  16. Mousey AJ Son

    But why?
  17. Rego RS Hutchinson

    To see who follows tennis and you obv don't.
  18. Stormer BH Borisc

    Am I missing the joke?
  19. Eddie EI Morris

    yeah im the same lol
  20. Doog J McDougal

    having googled sacha jones i still dont get it...

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