Modern day draft (picks only)

Discussion in 'Association Football Discussion' started by mouse, Sep 15, 2015.

  1. mouse MJ Edwards

    youve also got two picks lad
  2. Notsure SM Green

    Tiago [MENTION=192]Lukic[/MENTION]
  3. Eds E Ames

    Ralf Fahrmann & Granit Xhaka.
  4. Lukic L Popovic

    Nathaniel Clyne [MENTION=160]BigDougy[/MENTION]
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  5. BigDougy DG Dafter

    Tim Krul

    ‚Äč@Eggman up next.
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  6. Notsure SM Green

  7. Eggman DA Eggman

    Salvatore Sirigu

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  8. MrPrez CM Dyer

    Steve Mandanda
  9. Cabinet96 OTN Wood

    Alex Sandro
  10. Teacups CJ Evans

    Timo Horn [MENTION=28]Alex[/MENTION]
  11. Alex AJ O'Driscoll

    Jasper Cillessen
  12. mouse MJ Edwards

    I'm on my phone so can anyone check if Diego Alves is still avilabale

    ill update the draft tomorrow when I get to s computer and do the draft order of round 19
  13. MrPrez CM Dyer

    He is still available according to a thread search.
  14. mouse MJ Edwards

    Cheers Prez
  15. Farhat AM Farhat

    Fraser Forster
  16. Rocks DN Boland

    Jose Luis Gaya

  17. Gazza GJ Weaver

    GK Leno
    LB Miranda
    CB Silva
    CB Luiz
    RB Lichtsteiner
    LW Ronaldo
    DM Krychowiak
    CM Modric
    CAM Santi Cazorla
    RW Hulk
    ST Rooney

    SUB Giroud
    SUB Sneijder
    SUB Mathieu
    SUB Luiz Gustavo
    SUB Carlos Vela
    SUB Alex Teixeira

    M Pellegrini

  18. BigGuns DA Astele

    Winston Reid
    Aaron Lennon
  19. mouse MJ Edwards


    final pick lad
  20. Cabinet96 OTN Wood

    Kevin Trapp

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