Good Guys v Panthers

Discussion in 'Matches' started by Fiery, Aug 17, 2013.

  1. Fiery GR Smith

    If us good guys don't win this game we can kiss the season goodbye.
  2. Hunter AD Hunt

  3. Andato BJT Manera

    Manu having one of his usual bad days
  4. RyanG R Gee

    Yeah, he's been fucking woeful. Warriors better not fuck my perfect week in footy tipping.
  5. Hunter AD Hunt

    Cop it Fiery.
  6. Andato BJT Manera

    Stuff Panthers
  7. Hughesy JM Hughes

    Only just held on. Thought we'd fuck it, at the end there. Doubt we will make the 8 but it was still enjoyable to watch.

    Also Dave Simmons WAG. Has found something different this season and is as good as he was back in his early Sharks days. Great to see.
  8. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

    I don't know that it's anything massively different. He has been close to our most consistent performer over the past 2+ seasons. It's why I was saying he needs to be first picked on the flanks despite not having a tan, tats, step or speed.

    Just on the warriors I think I've only tipped them right 3-4 times all year.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2013
  9. SM MD Dorn

    Good result for the Titans, and my TAB balance

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