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Discussion in 'Association Football Discussion' started by Verigoat, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Cevno IV Narang


    This sunday has some lineup of games across leagues.

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  2. mouse MJ Edwards

    thatll do nicely.
  3. mouse MJ Edwards

    all on my birthday as well. I won't be leaving the pub
  4. PienaarColada DH Mulray

    I'd love to be able to watch the majority of them but the likelihood is I'll only get to see our one.
  5. mouse MJ Edwards

    Gladbach vs Wolfsburg should be a cracker

    Sommer doesn't play because of a broken nose, which is a massive blow. Also, a bit surprised that Herrmann isn't starting

    I can see Dost causing Gladbach a few problems with his height and ability. They've looked a bit suspect all season at the back

    but going for a home win.


    Raffael and Xhaka

  6. mouse MJ Edwards

    Just noticed that Dost is on the bench. Kruse will bag instead then
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  7. mouse MJ Edwards

    HT 0-0

    Stindl really should've put Gladbach ahead early on in the game when he hit the post from 12 yards

    wolfsburg could've had a penalty when Schurrle got clipped in the penalty area but he went down in stages

    only took 44 mins for Xhaka to get his yellow card
  8. mouse MJ Edwards

    Nordtveit makes it 1-0 with a half volley from around 20 yards. Brilliant strike
  9. mouse MJ Edwards

    Traore makes it 2-0 from a counter attack. Stindl with the assist with the through ball
  10. Riddy JH Ridd

    Missing bilbao v valencia by 2 hours
  11. SuperNova SJ Nova

    Well unless they plan on adding about 7 new channels then that's going to be a disaster.
  12. mouse MJ Edwards

    Dahoud is going to be some player in the future

    johnson has just hit the post when he should've made it 3-1
  13. mouse MJ Edwards

    Raffael <3
  14. mouse MJ Edwards

    5-1 Hahn with two late goals

    This has been an excellent performance from Gladbach
  15. mouse MJ Edwards

    I think this is the third time this season I've won a BTTS bet on Serie A football for the Sunday 2pm kick offs

    needed a late goal by Udinese

    Drama in the Geona vs Chievo game. Geona was down to ten men but scored with the last kick of the game from a brilliant counter attack.
  16. mouse MJ Edwards

    Inter vs Juve failed to live up to the expectations. Bore fest
  17. mouse MJ Edwards

    Hernandez has just scored the most typical Hernandez goal. 1 yard tap in. Leverkusen loves a comeback
  18. Eggman DA Eggman

    :laugh: was it going in?
  19. mouse MJ Edwards

    One of those where it was rolling across the face of the goal, just knew that he would be there to finish it. Somehow finished 4-3 after being 2-0 and 3-1 down. Great comeback from Leverkusen

    Gladbach vs Schalke today. I fucking hate Schalke
  20. mouse MJ Edwards

    Fuck you Geis and Schalke, cunts

    also, Porto can join the list. I'm sure [MENTION=6]Riddy[/MENTION] will agree haha

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