CPL Football 4 - Draft Discussion

Discussion in 'CPL Football' started by Lukic, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. BigGuns DA Astele

  2. Jabba HJ Bots

    Over half the teams fully updated. Got to go back to NBA GM now but will finish the rest tomorrow

    Speirz what Juanfran you got?
  3. Speirz DG Speirs

    Juan Francisco Torres.
  4. Magrat Garlick M Garlick

    You want us to pick 4 players at once, right?

  5. Jabba HJ Bots

    Yeah once the 48hours is up finish your squads
  6. Riddy JH Ridd


  7. Arheiner SIA Yates

    Free-for-all initiated after Eddie's pick?
  8. Benny BS Read

    Once Round 16 is complete it should open up IMO.
  9. Arheiner SIA Yates

    Well 1 pick by Eddie IMO, round ends there barring those that missed picks, and that's their own fault.
  10. Benny BS Read

    Yeah AWTA.
  11. Benny BS Read

    Round 16 is now complete barring skipped players.

    So should be free for all AFAIC.
  12. Riddy JH Ridd

    filling up with english players :D
  13. BigGuns DA Astele

    Final four picked :)
  14. Riddy JH Ridd

    can i change my last 4 picks? or nah?
  15. Verigoat S Verigotta

    When was this FFA confirmed by Jabba
  16. Arheiner SIA Yates

    Multiple times tbh. Check the thread.
  17. Weeman27bob BE Force

    Here basically.
  18. McGrath JE McGrath

    I forgot to get a back up goalkeeper - am I ok to change one pick?
  19. BigGuns DA Astele

    Final squad.
  20. Jabba HJ Bots

    Go fir it

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