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    1. Athlai
      I don't think there is a growing trend of superhero movies, rather a growing trend of blockbuster superhero films. Arguably since Sam Raimi's Spiderman this has been the era of superhero movies. Right now though, Marvel studios has created a cinematic Universe that has created what will no doubt be the highest grossing film franchise in history.
    2. Athlai
      By tending what do you mean? I'm definitely not as enthusiastic about the movies coming out as I was 2-3 years ago but in all honesty, 2-3 years ago had more identifiable trends about what they were bothing doing right and wrong in the industry.
    3. Athlai
      Graduated a couple years ago. Double major BA in Film and EngL, and a postgrad 1st class honours degree in film.
    4. Athlai
      Yes, Sony Electronics. But I know people in Sony Playstation too.
    5. Cribbage
      Forgive me if I'm wrong, but isn't he on the bench?
    6. GYR
      Why not? It's crispier when they're young.
    7. Cribbage
      The real reason you hate him is because he reminds you of all those Tests Trent Waterhouse played ahead of Harrison though. Admit it.
    8. Cribbage
      Haha maybe he's figured out pick your own line isn't profitable because glorified day traders keep dumping thousands on really short odds... :p
    9. Cribbage
      I still haven't taken any of Waterhouse's money. Have been thinking of starting up an account there for two reasons:
      1. Advertising a betting site during live coverage has upsides and downsides. People like me joining is his downside, and he sure deserves it ;)
      2. He actually has some great rugby league specials that I keep missing out on.

      Haven't got around to it yet though. Pretty slack given it's my occupation really. :p
    10. Cribbage
      I might have a little bet on Australia minus the start, or 13+ but I just can't see any value in a 1.08 bet :p
    11. Cribbage
      Haha I had $500 on the Cows over the weekend and thought of that as an "MF bet". So rarely do I take the "big outlay for little risk of losing and decent reward" type bets but the Cows were so obviously going to win that game. I think 1.50 - what they were paying - is the shortest bet I've taken in years that wasn't either part of a multi or just laying off another bet. That must seem so weird to you! :p

      Good luck with that though. I usually hope the ANZAC Test is close for the good of international rugby league, but a close game with such a shit side would cause all sorts of other issues, plus I don't really think this game should exist anymore, so I'm hoping for an 80-0 blowout tbh.
    12. Cribbage
      Forward pack they picked was terrible considering who they left out but I'm not sure Blair was a bad pick. 50/50 proposition probably. Definitely a better player than FPN who people keep mentioning on other sites as an unlucky player for some reason. They do have better middle third options than Blair but maybe not any who can actually play lock with Taylor out injured and SBW unavailable. Hadn't really thought about the exact balance of the forward pack I'd pick with Taylor out so I'll get back to you lol. Matulino could probably play lock and he definitely should've been in the fucking side. Jesse Bromwich dropping back there also an option.
    13. Cribbage
      God awful. The fact that the Warriors were giving Elijah Taylor a stint at hooker last season rather than Henry when they were both in the side says it all about his dummy half credentials, and Havilli is a 30 minute club impact player at best. Not sure I could've offered a better option, save maybe McIlwrick who is also shit anyway, but most NZ Test success has come off really controlling the middle third and without a proper hooker they're now next to no chance. Not that the ANZAC Test usually provides them with much of one in the first place.
    14. GYR
      To stick with your pun, he stupidly cut off too much and cut the "in" as well and I'm physically incapable of taking a piss.
    15. GYR
      Yeah mine 30 years ago was like Robinovich or some shit so I would've won with ease :p
    16. GYR
      Sorry for the delayed response.

      Hmm if I had the last name my grandpa had before he cut it shorter I would bet everything I own on it but now my last name isn't Jewish at all so I'll have to be Jewish and pass :p anything better?
    17. Paddy
      I read your post about the 7th tackle rule and I agree it sucks. Cowboys can't even handle a full set of that apparently when Manly scored their first try.
    18. GYR
      On what?
    19. Paddy
      Such a cruel game to be a Cowboys fan. If its not the Cows themselves being retarded its the referees. Sick of that shit.
    20. GIMH
      It's a cracking read, I don't agree with all of his analyses but it's a mine of fascinating information
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