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GIMH Martyn, from everybody's on the run

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Jun 29, 2024
    1. HeathDavisSpeed
    2. MightyPies
    3. HeathDavisSpeed
      You being a scouse mainly. I've always assumed the tv series Bread was a documentary.
    4. HeathDavisSpeed
      Something local for you to keep busy with rather than spending all your life down at the DHSS: BBC - Future - The lost tunnels buried deep beneath the UK
    5. Furball
      I also want to become one of those dreaded tourists you hate. Really want to catch an Arsenal game next season and quite fancy a trip over to Germany. I hate Bayern but I want to see a Guardiola team in the flesh before he quits at the end of next season.
    6. Furball
      Haha yeah in the 3rd Division the Scottish Cup 1st Round tie was in September IIRC. Was weird as fuck given that we usually started our Cup campaign in January.
    7. Furball
      Regular games still cost far too much and I don't think there's enough of an incentive to get a season ticket tbh. If I miss a couple of games (which is likely given my shift pattern), then it works out cheaper to just pay as I go.
    8. Furball
      Yeah, been to all the playoff games, helps that we're only charging £5.

      It's on BT Sport. Don't expect any sort of quality though.
    9. Furball
      Got deleted. Was an old direness thread where I managed to wind Fiery up to the point where for reason he posted his in-laws phone number.
    10. The Boy Brumby
      The Boy Brumby
      Ha, sorry.

      Rare outbreak of not not having a life.

      Went to see Moz at The O2 on Saturday. Been pretty much fucked since.
    11. HeathDavisSpeed
      Do you still want me to wish OS a happy birthday? Is now the right time, or have I missed it?
    12. Teja.
    13. The Boy Brumby
      The Boy Brumby
      Wild stab in the dark...
    14. The Boy Brumby
      The Boy Brumby
      Ha, I'm a Definitely Maybe man (will be in my 25), always thought you preferred their second effort for some reason.
    15. The Boy Brumby
      The Boy Brumby
      Was trying to work out which 3 LPs you already have in your list.

      Appetite for Destruction, What's The Story.. & Revolver are my guesses.
    16. The Boy Brumby
      The Boy Brumby
      I did, yeah. Been a few months since I listened, but from memory I didn't enjoy it quite as much as the first. Slightly too polished, perhaps.
    17. uvelocity
      no cunt. christmas maybe.
    18. Cribbage
      Libertarians have a strong belief in the right to choose what to do with one's own property, as long as it doesn't interfere with anyone else's right to do the same.

      Remember when you I called taxation theft, and you laughed? That's an example of the libertarian belief that no-one (claiming to be a government or not) has a right to take your property without your permission.

      "Muh" is an internet phenomena used to sarcastically mock someone's support for something. For example, if I wanted to be a douche instead of arguing the issue properly, I could've just replied to grecian's rants at me in the British Politics thread with "muh universal healthcare!"
    19. Magrat Garlick
      Magrat Garlick

      Can't make promises, I know that much from experience, I like it when I can contribute tho. Glad you appreciate my ramblings.
    20. Captain
      You have no one to blame but yourself
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