The Cricsim Cunts - RL3 Season Simulation.

Discussion in 'Benny's RL3 Sim' started by Benny, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. azzal AJ O'Neill

    O'neill will be the best tackler in the game.
  2. Kegdrinker LA Pilgrim

    Pilgrim to be first injured.
  3. Incey BC Jacobs

    First Sub will be Bots. >_>
  4. azzal AJ O'Neill


    Logo you can use. i didnt make it.
  5. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

  6. Old Mate M Perry

  7. azzal AJ O'Neill

    Ohh didnt see it was already in match thread.
  8. Sultan Pepper HG Emm

  9. Zakaron SDR Laing

    go the bears lol.
  10. azzal AJ O'Neill

    Benny who are our top competitors?Melbourne?
  11. Rusty RST Downpipes

    Did you tweak the settings a couple of minutes in? Really thought we were gonna get ownd last game...
  12. Benny BS Read

    Nah we just started trying to play. I thought we were going to get pumped. Momentum is a huge thing in RL3, your team plays like shitcunts when they're under the pump and play like gods when they're on a roll, its a bit over the top somethimes.
  13. stupersteve03 SJ Cambridge

    Um I think the key to the momentum switch was probably me being on the field. That might be something to think about...
  14. Rusty RST Downpipes

    While we're on RL3, I have a Wii that I've played maybe half a dozen times, and not at all in the last 6 months. Would RL3 be a game I'd want to pick up and play?
  15. azzal AJ O'Neill

    Sold my one yesterday, It is better then the ps2 and ps3 ones.
  16. Tartmaster AJ James

    It's not too bad.
    Alot better then RL2, if you;ve got the wii already I see no reason not to.
  17. Hughesy JM Hughes

    I've only played RL3 once but I have a mate who loves it. He has one of those nintendo remotes though, apparently it makes it heaps better.
  18. azzal AJ O'Neill

    Yeah those console type wii remotes make it 100% better. The nunchuck is shit.
  19. Tartmaster AJ James

    Gamecube controller = worst controller ever
  20. azzal AJ O'Neill

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