Round 4 - Central Coast Bears vs North Qld Cowboys

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  1. Benny BS Read


    1. Andrew James
    2. Heef
    3. Rusty Downpipes
    4. Aaron Hunt
    5. James Hughes (GK)
    6. Kelvin Fung (PM)
    7. Mate Perry (PM)
    8. Simon Laing
    9. Ben Jacobs (GK)
    10.Luke Pilgrim
    11.Aaron O'Neill
    12.Benny Read (C)
    13.Brett Gemmell

    14.Benji El Masri
    15.Morgz Burridge
    16.Zohaib Ikram
    17.Steve Cambridge

    18. Karwin Rogers



    1.Matt Bowen
    2.Ash Graham
    3.Willie Tonga
    4.Ben Harris
    5.John Williams
    6.Travis Burns
    7.Johnathon Thurston
    8.Carl Webb
    9.Aaron Payne
    10.Matt Scott
    11.Steve Southern
    12.Scott Bolton
    13.Luke O'Donnell

    14.Anthony Watts
    15.Antonio Kaufusi
    16.Shane Tronc
    17.James Tamou
  2. Benny BS Read

    One change made to the lineup which eventually beat the Parramatta Eels, 47-10 (Automated sim) in the rescheduled fixture following the called off match. Heef comes in for Karwin Rogers.
  3. Benny BS Read

    Rainy conditions here, as halfback Mate Perry gets us underway with the kickoff which is taken by Webb on his own line he busts through a poor attempted tackle before offloading to Ash Graham who scoots along the touchline before Andrew James comes accross in cover and almost bundles him into touch.
  4. Benny BS Read

    The Cowboys right edge is making easy metres here as Aaron Hunt and Aaron O'Neill both make poor defensive decisions they roll through to the 20 m line before Carl Webb knocks the ball on following some tough defence by Azzal.
  5. Benny BS Read

    The Bears play an expansive set with the ball going through the hands through the first few tackles and it looks like they will try and get wide of the ruck to attack the fringes of the Cowboys. Hughes and James combine well with Hughes making 20m down the sideline. The ball is then brought back infield by Hunt who loses the ball.
  6. Benny BS Read

    The Cowboys attack the goal-line but are met with resolute defence here, it gets to the fourth where Matt Scott carts it up on an unders line and is hit hard by Simon Laing and coughs up possession.

    Both teams struggling with ball control in the slippery conditions.
  7. Benny BS Read

    The Bears bring the ball back out of their half with great team play, making a mockery of the wet conditions by continuing to promote the ball. Brett Gemmell makes a solid run before finding Kelvin Fung who gains another 5m before being tackled. Jacobs passes from dummyhalf to James who makes a jinking run accross field before being brought down 5 in from the sideline, the Bears are set up for a backline move now and Mate Perry calls for the ball to the openside.

    Ben Jacobs has over ideas however and dummies to his playmaker before scooting through a VERY skinny touchline! He bumps into Graham who slips off weakly, Tonga then comes accross and is palmed off by Jacobs who is centimetres inside the right-hand touchline! He's through, the nippy hooker turns on the jets and takes off for the tryline from the half-way line! The only question is whether he can win the footrace as O'Donnell chases gallantly from midfield, he gets to the 10m and just outpaces the cover defence before bringing the ball round underneath the sticks to make his conversion easy as pie!

    Jacobs wastes no time with the conversion and slots the bonus points

    Bears 6 - Cowboys 0
  8. Benny BS Read

    Thurston kicks off here and it's taken by Perry easily, the Cowboys race up to put pressure on. Perry throws a huge cutout pass to Hughes who is hugging the sideline, theres no-one in front of him!

    He sprints along the sideline and Bowen comes accross but he's no match for Hughes who brushes the minute fullback aside and he burns his challengers and it's back to back tries for the Bears!

    Jacobs makes the conversion and the Bears are up 12 -0
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  9. Benny BS Read

    As we reach the end of the first half, Aaron O'Neill makes a barnstorming run through the centre of the park following a dummy half carry by Downpipes, he breaks 3 tackles before Bowen makes a desperate ankle tackle to bring the flame haired backrower down right on the halfway line.

    There's movement on the bench for the Bears as Cambridge and Burridge warm up ready for theirn first efforts for the game.
  10. Benny BS Read

    The ball is passed from dummyhalf by Jacobs to Brett Gemmell who is charging onto this like a locomotive, the Bears attack runs out of steam though as he leaves the ball behind him in another poor handling effort for the match. The Cowboys have possession on the halfway line with 35 seconds left in the half as Thurston feeds the scrum, can they make a late charge and bring interest for the 2nd half?
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  11. Benny BS Read

    The Cowboys start off the set promisingly as Thurston steps through defence off the scrum and he plays the ball on the 20m line. Defence is strong by the Bears though and it gets to the 5th where O'Donnell puts up a towering bomb! The siren sounds in the background as James rises above the pack to take a speccy to end the first half.

    HT score - Bears 12 - 0 Cowboys
  12. Benny BS Read


    James Hughes scoring the 2nd try of the match after proving too speedy for his rivals.
  13. Benny BS Read

    The 2nd half gets underway as Thurston kicks off to Perry who takes it up like a prop forward! The little man gets absolutely creamed by two massive forwards and is slow to his feet, lets hope that he hasn't re-injured his chronic frenulum injury which saw him out of the game for multiple rounds last season.
  14. Benny BS Read

    Hunt continues his shocking game here as he makes two mistakes in quick succession! the ball is spread to his position in the backline and he attempts to bust a tackle but in doing so the ball pops free but fortunately dependable flanker James Hughes cleans up the spilt ball. Jacobs moves into dummy half and again targets a blindside move and he links up with Hunt who has open space ahead but he puts a foot into touch!

    Coach Jack Gibson is furious with Hunt and replaces him with Cambridge who scored a double earlier in the season and he gets another chance here. Burridge also comes on at the expense of Pilgrim who has had quite the slow half. He moves into the back row and Read moves forward into the front row.
  15. Benny BS Read

    Thurston takes the ball from the ruck here and spins a long pass to Bowen and the speedster makes a great angled run towards the corner post! He gets around would-be defenders in Fung, Downpipes and Heef but James makes a solid front on tackle which saves a certain try. Payne and Thurston combine with quick ball movement from the play the ball. Thurston throws a smart inside ball to O'Donnell who looks a chance here but desperate defence from Read keeps the Bears hanging in.

    Bowen passes to JT who puts in a little grubber which Downpipes collects well, and the solid three-quarter is met by the defence 2m from the line he digs in and holds off the push towards the in-goal great effort by the Bears there.
  16. Old Mate M Perry

    Gun, sweet game. Great vision in gifting a try and even showed the soft as marshmallow forwards how to take a real hit up.
  17. Benny BS Read

    Gemmell, Burridge and O'Neill make strong charges close to the ruck and get to the 30m. Jacobs spreads the ball to Perry who finds Fund before Fung steps off his left foot, the nippy half making 5m before passing to Read who throws a cut out to Hughes who has yet again been left unmarked! Hughes shifts through the gears and goes the length of the field to score a great try! he runs it underneath the posts and Jacobs nails the simple kick.

    Bears 18 - 0 Cowboys
  18. Benny BS Read

    The Cowboys are looking far and away the weaker team here today they just haven't shown up at all in defence. The Bears keep close to the ruck as they work out their own end through hit-ups from Read, Laing and Burridge who has been busy since his injection to the game. The ball is played to Jacobs who passes to Perry who draws in the defence here before passing across the face of Read who attracts 2 defenders, it's taken by Fung who shapes to pass wider to Downpipes on the outside but NO he slips a neat inside ball to James who has followed the play, he bursts through the hole created in the defence, he only has Bowen to beat! The tiny fullback is no match for his opposite number and James scores a wonderful try. Jacobs who has had the easiest of days with the boot converts again and its now a 24 point lead for the Bears with 1 and a half minutes left in the match.

    Bears 24 - 0 Cowboys
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  19. Benny BS Read

    You've lead the team around the park like a boss, playing mainly with the forwards and Fung has controlled the creative play well, been solid.
  20. Benny BS Read

    Thurston kicks off and it's taken by Gemmell who makes a lazy hitup. Jacobs scoots out of hooker and loses the ball after a tough tackle by Southern. Cowboys with a chance for a consolation try here!

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