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  1. Bender BG Herd

    [MENTION=45]Tartmaster[/MENTION] [MENTION=1459]cloughie09[/MENTION] [MENTION=91671]zorax[/MENTION] [MENTION=2439]Escath[/MENTION]

    Feel free to post up line-ups for the provincial mini tourney! Its almost time

    QLD: [MENTION=760]Choco[/MENTION] [MENTION=590]KickATinAlong[/MENTION] Boobidy [MENTION=2479]Number 11[/MENTION] [MENTION=68]sullo[/MENTION] [MENTION=19490]Reagan Wheelson[/MENTION]

    VIC: [MENTION=66]Mousey[/MENTION] [MENTION=79]MASTERS[/MENTION] [MENTION=12]MightyPies[/MENTION] [MENTION=5040]The Half Back[/MENTION] [MENTION=169]PaulFromOz[/MENTION] [MENTION=2436]brettman135[/MENTION] [MENTION=26]Storer[/MENTION] [MENTION=91556]hen da man[/MENTION] [MENTION=34]Eggman[/MENTION] [MENTION=62]Theo[/MENTION]

    Available players for the teams without a selector unless i missed someone.

    Someone should be their selectors :ninja:
  2. Tartmaster AJ James

  3. Bender BG Herd


    Was gonna test 6 man rosters but saw qld only had 6 so we'll go normal rosters lol
  4. Bender BG Herd

    Simmage to return with cloughie09's return and lineup :thumbsup:

    TFW didnt realise i dont have NZ in the tournament
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