LIVE - Round 10 - Cyclones v Stingrays at The BOM

Discussion in 'Season 8 Archive' started by Cribbage, Jun 29, 2009.

  1. Fungus K Fung

    Make that 8 out of 11. I've been the worst out of the whole team I think. :p
  2. Farny AP Farnsworth

    lol, there are plenty of others like Fung, but I see your point.
  3. Boobidy BJ Gemmell

    I've only hit triple figures twice this season. Massive failure season by me.
  4. Farhat AM Farhat

    Umm wat? Tyson is having his best season with the bat, and his best season with the ball since S1. Choco is also having his best season since S2. Only player who can hit another gear in your team is Fungus.
  5. Speirz DG Speirs

    Yet it's the first season where you're beating me convincingly. Shows how horrible I've been.
  6. Fungus K Fung


    Vago - Excellent (career best)
    Hornby - Good
    Downpipes - Great
    Man - Excellent (career best)
    Fung - Dire :p
    Berkuta - Excellent (career best)
    Shriram - Excellent (career best)
    Tyson - Excellent (close to career best)
    Farnsworth - Excellent (career best)
    King - Excellent (career best)
    Man - Good

    Hmm, didn't really expect that.
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  7. Boobidy BJ Gemmell

    First time I've played a full season in a while
  8. Farny AP Farnsworth

    Why not shoot me down :p
  9. Fungus K Fung

    Na, I was just seeing what stats we had this season, and did not really expect that many career bests.
  10. Speirz DG Speirs

    I imagine ours would be horrible.
  11. Boobidy BJ Gemmell

    Stingrays have like 9 people in career best form, Cyclones would have 0. And Wilson is in career worst form, and this is my worst season in my career outside the Pumas.
  12. Callum CJ Laing

    Myself and Goodfellow are having our best seasons certainly. Although I could hardly not have my best season. :p
  13. Speirz DG Speirs

    1. DG Speirs (worst since S1 with the bat, second best with the ball though)
    2. JP Thornton (horrible, easily his worst)
    3. DA Alessi (slightly below his best)
    4. AJ Parker (about average for him)
    5. TA Miokovic (easily his best)
    6. JEM Logan (first in the top grade, doing well though)
    7. BMT Con (same as always)
    8. NJ Stacker (best in recent times)
    9. JT Whicker (finally hit some decent form)
    10. N Spinks (started well but fell away)
    11. SA Humble (dreadful)
  14. Fungus K Fung

    Would be quite interesting to see what the other teams are like.
  15. Bedsey JB Dempsey

    Someone to make a new thread.
  16. Callum CJ Laing

    Bedsey to do it.
  17. Andato BJT Manera

    Ravens are under performing with the ball this season.
  18. Bedsey JB Dempsey

    1. D Davis. (Not the best, not the worst. Still averaging high 40's)
    2. JP Goodfellow (Career best, but he's only averaging 42. Would say it was considerably lower before round 10, too.)
    3. JB Dempsey (Not so good. Started well, crapola now)
    4. BJ Gemmell (Playing great, but not converting his 50's)
    5. TR Man (Under his career average so far this season)
    6. JP Gonzalez (Career best form)
    7. MJ Johns (Crap with the bat, decent with the ball)
    8. C Laing (Career best, obv)
    9. SB Wilson (Average season by his standards)
    10. SM Green (Playing well)
    11. KF Tait (Career best, obv)

    Going by the team from our last game. We have a top 20 bowler sitting in Reggies too. Lol.
  19. Callum CJ Laing

    TBH I can see this leading to a morgieb thread.
  20. Wilson SB Wilson

    Add Emm into our squad Bedsey. Probably his worst season.

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