Leading Goal Scorers

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  1. MASTERS S Masters


    10- Vardy (Morgie)
    10- Pavlich (Morgie)
    10- Tippett (Theo)
    10- Cameron (Skippos)

    9- Roughead (Jabba)
    9- Goodes (Jabba)
    9- Menzel (Diggler)

    8- Walker (Diggler)


    14- Hawkins (Jackenny)

    10- McGlynn (Hen Da Man)

    9- Patton (Masters)
    9- Schulz (Hen Da Man)
    9- LeCras (Reframe)

    8- Hoskin Elliott (Masters)
    8- Wingard (Jackenny)
    8- Waite (KATA)
  2. morgieb MC Burridge

    No idea how Vardy managed ten goals and a tie of the Coleman, but I'll take it :p
  3. MASTERS S Masters

    If there is a player you guys wanna know how many goals he has kicked, let me know, i have the complete list
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  4. brettman135 BR Hall

    A few random names fairly high up the list.

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