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  1. Benny BS Read

    2.Dilshan (6)
    4.Smith (7)
    5.Watson (5)
    8.Starc (3)
    9.Shillingford (4)
    10.Hazlewood (2)
    11.Hogan (1)

    Is that too bowling heavy given Watto falls to 5 or am I utilising the advantage of having Watto in the team. Think depending on trials I could bring in either a specialist bat either Bailey or Hodge or use Chaturanga on more spin friendly pitches

  2. Boobidy BJ Gemmell

    You could drop vilas and bring in bailey/hodge to sure up the batting. That said, I don't know who vilas is.
  3. Benny BS Read

  4. Julian BJ Taylor

    I don't think you can drop a bowler Benny. The beauty of Watson is being able to not pick a bit piece all rounder. Reckon the mis-step you made was not picking a bowler who would dominate at #8 though.
  5. Cribbage RG Cribb

    I reckon he could leave a bowler out on a real turner; bring Chataranga in and have an attack of Hogan/Starc/Watson/Shillingford/Dilshan/Chataranga. Still a six man attack and the part-time spinners would be useful on a turner. I don't think he should be looking to prepare a turner himself as he'd be pretty boned if Shillingford got injured but strengthening the batting for away games at certain venues could be a goer.

    Reckon Starc will do better with the bat than most people are anticipating too. He does average over 30 in Tests, and given most of his recent FC cricket has been in Tests and it's generally been against the better sides, I'd expect him to average similar amount in this tbh.
  6. Athlai JJD Heads

    Starc to open the batting and bowling? Heard it here first folks.
  7. Benny BS Read

    Haha highly doubtful
  8. Benny BS Read

    Ballance averaging 60+ in county 73 overall fc cricket this season. Plunkett 30 bat 26 ball ;)
  9. Benny BS Read


    Probs my best team plunketts return to test cricket has improved his stock as have Smith Ballance Puttick (avg 50 approx rsa) Shillingford obv hogan sub 20 in eng vilas tonning up in the final ftw too holder test debut etc
  10. Benny BS Read

    Pakistan to appeal for Mohammad Amir but not for Salman Butt, Mohammad AsifPress Trust of India | November 13, 2014 18:25 PM
    *Karachi:**The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will seek relaxation for fast bowler Mohammad Amir under the revised anti-corruption code of the International Cricket Council (ICC) but has ruled out appealing for Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif.

    PCB chairman Shaharyar Khan said the board wile file an appeal with the ICC within a week for the 22-year-old Amir.

    "Our legal department is preparing the documents to file in Amir's case but at present we have no plans to do the same for Salman Butt or Asif," Khan told reporters in Lahore on Thursday.

    Former captain Butt, Asif and Amir were all banned for spot-fixing during the Pakistan team's tour of England in 2010. The spot-fixing took place during the fourth test at Lord's.

    The trio, who also served jail sentences in the United Kingdom, have been given minimum five year bans by the anti-corruption tribunal of the ICC but while the ban for Butt and Amir ends in August, the former also has been given a two-year suspended sentence.

    "Amir's case is different from those of Butt and Asif. These two have still not really accepted their guilt. We want them to do more first to convince us they are repentant," Khan said.

    "First they convince us they want to reform themselves and then we will decide when to approach the ICC."

    He said Amir had co-operated with the PCB and ICC in reforming himself. Khan, however, ruled out an immediate return for Amir to competitive cricket.

    "It is a process under the new anti-corruption code and it will take time. Only the ACSU can give relaxation to a banned player," he said.

    Under the revised code, a banned player can apply to ICC's ACSU to allow him to resume playing domestic cricket before the end of his ban.

    Former Pakistan leg-spinner Danish Kaneria is also serving a life ban for spot-fixing since 2012.
  11. Benny BS Read

  12. Benny BS Read

    Smith to Captain, Hazlewood for his test debut in Brisbane this is bullshit cribbage don't waste my gun draft :p
  13. Cribbage RG Cribb

    Was actually working on this for a while yesterday morning on my new computer #excite
  14. Howe JHF Howe

  15. Benny BS Read

    Lol prove em wrong cribb
  16. Benny BS Read

    Hazlewood and Stars to open batting and bowling
  17. Benny BS Read

    How best to use the bowling possibilities of:


  18. Benny BS Read

    This team would fucking rape now
  19. Benny BS Read


    fuck this team would have carved just casually batting all the way to no.10
  20. Benny BS Read


    How many do we get to retain? Lol

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