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Kolkata --> Mumbai, India
Investment Banking

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RM Chowdhuri, from Kolkata --> Mumbai, India

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    1. Mousey
    2. Teja.
      Hey, I think you're cockblocked from the gears thread so I'll reply here.

      Firstly, Company Law is not restricted to the Companies Act even though it has supremacy - There are the SEBI regulations and about a dozen other statutes which deal with niche areas such as securities regulation etc. and that's even without the dreaded SEBI notifications.

      I find company law interesting in general. However I'm dealing with a moot problem right now for which I have a submission for both sides in 15 days on the topic of Call Option arrangements and Side-letters, neither of which have concrete statutory provision in India/Supreme Court stances so I have to rely on foreign judgments and differing stances of the High Courts so research is being a massive bitch.
    3. Mousey
      You shouldn't be feuding in there. I stopped you. Just doing my job.
    4. Skippos
      Go ahead and ask. I don't believe I need to as I'm pretty content in believing it's bad to bowl 10 straight full stop, even if it's not :p
    5. Skippos
      Well if I told you that in my 5 years on ftp i've never seen an experienced manager bowl anyone 10 straight? It was my major criticism. Especially if we bat first and Targaryen has a bat in the last few overs which is likely. It'll definitely effect his performance IMO.

      RE: aggression, I actually use aggression more on M/FS bowlers as naturally they're not as aggressive and more conservative so I try and boost their wickettaking ability. Reckon any aggression on hard/flat is a risk.

      Anyway, we'll see.
    6. Skippos
      feedback on your orders in advance of the game:

      Gallagher at 3 is a bit of a risk
      aggressive at 3 is a bit of a risk - what if we lose an early wicket?
      really long tail. it's probably not as bad on a hard but targaryen isn't really an allrounder at NT - more a #8 and heatley et al are #10/11 bunnies, not #8s.
      Aggression on hard for bowlers is often risky, often see batsmen smash them
      Targaryen bowling 10 straight even through drinks is risky due to fatigue. Normally 6 over straight with 10 overs break is the max.

      Still, don't chance them as I think we'd both like to see how they go.
    7. Skippos
      Also Key & Gooden are the same age, not different :p
    8. Skippos
      Gooden vs Key is pretty simple for mine. Both are awesome players but:

      - A Skilled (ability) talent is a percentage boost. I.E. on a reasonable bat skilled batting might boost it 5-10% so only 0.25/0.5 of a level. On an exceptional bowler Gooden's skilled (bowling) boosts it 5-10%, so 0.6-1.2 of a level. That's pretty sizable, and it makes him on primaries a better bowler than Key.
      - Old Ball Bowler is a fantastic talent. He's a beast at the death
      - When Targaryen doesn't play his average batting means we have a number 8
      - 2 levels of fielding means he's less of a liability in the field
      - 1 level of experience makes him better in that regard too.

      To me, the one level of power and different hand combo Key offers is nothing compared to what Gooden offers. I wish I could take both though; in future I will as Heatley is past it.
    9. Skippos
      (read the bottom message first)
    10. Skippos
      Buckland's pretty much at the base of all his stats; he looks as good as he is. Watkins has about 3000 of these (some of which i suspect are in bowling, and 1000 in bat/tech) - so he's probably halfway through endo/power if not more. He's a little better than his abilities suggest.

      But due to Watkins age I'm a bit worried about his fatigue recovery. Definitely something to consider so cheers!
    11. Skippos
      Buckland v Watkins.

      It's a tough one. I've seen time and time again base level exceptional (15,000 or so wage) players struggle in NT; that half a level to world class (19,000 wage or so, 22,000 is WC/WC) seems to be enough to help them, sizeably.

      Fielding's also pretty important. At the end of the day our fielding already is pretty low as a group so the more the merrier. Also note that Buckland's spare ratings are only 750 odd. (spare ratings involves assigning each skill a number i.e. outstanding 10, accomp 8, etc.) and tallying up a players skills (the 7, not experience/form anything) then subtracting it from their ratings. This number indicates how many sublevels are in one's skills as a whole, the maximum is 6993. Generally this number for nats is about 1000-2000 as they're well trained.
    12. Captain
    13. Skippos
      I won't change them (so we can see how they go!)- but I'll have a look when I get home and give some of my thoughts anyway. just removing you as assistant for like 1 hour for tkp to give me some quick advice but i'll put it back in a tick.
    14. Skippos
      Hey lad - if you want, have a go at setting the orders for the NT friendly on Saturday and I'll have a look at them :)!
    15. Skippos
      Nah I took a screenshot. No idea why it's not coming through.

      Well, you can see the squad so selected players thus far are

      Heatley, Gooden, Feltham, Wildsmith, Weller, Parker (Bowlers)
      Targaryen (probably more of a bowler), Death, Hogg (All-Rounders)
      Gallagher, Knight (WKBs)
      Elisara, Watkins, Rosser, Bullough, Palmer, Lawrence, Broom (Batsmen)

      the rest aren't in there so far.

      The selections I'm really unsure about are the Key/Ellis/Kenny/Weller/Parker selections (ATM, 2/5 are going) - alternatively I could ditch Death and replace him with a bowler and use Targaryen as an allrounder (I'm just not confident with that, he's mainly a bowler who can bat a bit now) or only go with 2 spinners and drop Wildsmith for one of the aforementioned 5.

      If you've got any feedback I'd love to hear it - but I'll be mailing managers within 36 hours I'd say.
    16. Skippos

      A tick means they're in the touring party
    17. Skippos
    18. Skippos
      Provisional touring party set. Click tours then 'select squad' to have a look at it. If you'd like to give some feedback it'd be appreciated.
    19. Skippos
      (most of the changes will be cancelled after the tour - we just need an older lineup, but yeah, good work!) Bradshaw won't play in the WC too - 32+ers don't.

      The problem with Gallagher is endurance recovery between matches but I'll look into it.
    20. Skippos
      I've actually added few of your recommendations to the squad, so cheers. Hopefully you understand what I mean about those I didn't! I'm setting a draft tour squad at the moment so I'll let you know when that's done.
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