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Kolkata --> Mumbai, India
Investment Banking

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RM Chowdhuri, from Kolkata --> Mumbai, India

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    1. Jager
      Not sure, never got in to it really - takes too much time to play for me :(
    2. Skippos
      Yeha, a good point. I'll look into that.
    3. Skippos
      Oh and the reason I've got aggression around the 30-38 over mark is this:

      In FTP, the batsmen begin to accelerate in the 36th over. I.E. - it's a rigid marker whereby after batsmen begin the slog. If we could grab a wicket before the slog starts, the slog would start with unsettled batsmen at the crease (it takes 9 balls before they're settled) and the chances are there could be another wicket or few going for the slog again with the new bats.
    4. Skippos
      Aggression on hard decks should be carefully considered - it doesn't offer a significant wicket taking increase from my data.

      RE: Gallagher: He needs to play 3 games this tour. We've got 30 batting slots over the 5 days to fill and only 9 bats to do it, if he only plays 2 then it's 28 for 8 and it really doesn't help with fatigue management. Given the keepers are batting low/not at all, their fatigue is fine and they need to double up once. I reckon today is the best bet for it as chances are on the Hard they won't be required. Unfortunately it has to happen.
    5. Skippos
      changed a little bit; was too aggressive (liability if we bowl first).
    6. Skippos
      Nah, Weller plays
    7. Skippos
      So what exactly do you propose regarding the over allocation?

      I don't exactly understand, if you know what I mean.

      You know what? Feel free to set the overs yourself. Keep the 5 bowlers but switch the allocation/everything in the bowling/aggression around yourself. Remember Gooden is an OBB though.
    8. Skippos
      Just thinking about it if I don't play weller today then the fellas I want fresh for the next few days won't be. Gonna play him on all 3 slows, Targs to play thurs/fri I reckon.
    9. Skippos
      Agree regarding the batsmen.

      Really not sure regarding weller. 7 of the bowlers will play 3 games while 2 will play 2. I'd really earmarked Death as one of them and it seems as if Parker will be the other.

      Targs will be playing 3, and she needs to play Friday (need to bat deep on the uneven and she'll be the sole spinner). That means she'll play one of the next 3 games only. Not really sure which one. I guess I could play Parker for Weller, and then Parker would play 3 and Weller 2 (the second one being Thursday on the slow? With Parker playing Wednesday and Friday (friday will probably be Death, Parker, Heatley, Gooden, Targaryen with the 2 pure spinners, Hogg and Weller missing out)
    10. Skippos
      Orders set again; have a look and feedback would be swell
    11. Skippos
      You've got the training %spread spreadsheet I've posted, I've seen you have it. Look at two players of the same age, one with gifted bat/tech/bowl and the other with no training talent, on the same training program (if one's on bowling and the other batting, that's okay, same with bowl tech/bat tech. bowl/bat tech and opposite not okay.) and count the ratings gains at training. Then use the spreadsheet to work out exactly how many of each skill were gained for the non gifted player. Then look at the gifted player, note the amount of the skill gained for the non gifted player and add the 'difference' between their total gains at training and you'll have the gains of both players in each skill, one gifted and one not. After doing this, a simple %calc and you'll have it.
    12. Skippos
      Hogg's gone up to accomplished form taking him to excep/wc summary. with elite endo also boosted by form he's too good not to play so I've switched him and death. He'll be able to handle 3 games.

      RE: Gifted. I don't know... between 12.5 and 22.5%. It's very easily workoutable. I'll tell you how to do it, and maybe you can have a look at the training this week and for once do the work so I don't have to :p
    13. Skippos
      Next 3 are windy too. Almost played 4 seamers to conserve the spinners for the windy conditions.
    14. Skippos
      Boundary Hitter: Turns a DOT ball into a boundary.

      Targ is a boundary hitter. On defensive, she faces more dot balls so more chance for the talent to trigger. She's not a bat anyway, she's a bowler opening to see off the new ball and if she scores runs it's a bonus. She scored 80 against the best attack in ftp yesterday in the friendly off 104 on a slow, 4 4s, 5 6s. Boundary Hitter.

      Yes - resting the oldies. Most of the players in this game will have to play 3 games this tour, if not 4. The oldies will only be good for 2 or 3 tops fatigue wise, so I'm making sure the fitter guys play first.
    15. Skippos
      There's no way I'm playing all 3 spinners on a slow/cloudy. The weather for one favours seam bowlers; and the weather matters. That and our next 2 games on a slow (the only pitch where the spinners will have an impact) have windy weather, so it'll advantage them. Potentially all 3 may play game 4, I expect Wildsmith and Feltham/Targ to play again tomorrow. Weller's our medium and mediums get smashed on Hards and aren't as effective on unevens so he needs to play on slow. Especially as the conditions/pitch suit him.

      I believe the only criticism you've made that has basis is Targ opening: and it's worked so far, and hopefully if we bat first we avoid the mess that some teams have in that their ar/bowlers have batted for 10 overs at the end of an innings and are tired so bowl poorly, if we bat first she'll have time to recover after getting out and if we bowl first who really cares if she gets out early. It's worked in the past.

      Cheers for the feedback though, we'll see how it goes.
    16. Skippos
      Yo. Have set draft orders for the first tour game. Don't change them but have a look at them and let me know your thoughts/any feedback. I'd also consider the pitches for the next games and projected weather as well (and also look at saturdays friendly).

      Cheers lad.
    17. Skippos
      haha don't take it so personally lad. cockblockings are done for lols most of the time. this isn't a site with a proper justice system or grievance tribunal and it's thrived as a result.
    18. Skippos
      ur cockbloxing
    19. Skippos
    20. Teja.
      Yeah, indeed mate. Exactly what I'm dealing with.
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