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Jul 18, 2024 at 5:59 PM
    1. Tartmaster
      I did, how did you know? :shock:
    2. Baxter
      I uncockblocked you ftr
    3. Athlai
      It's all good, I didn't intend to upset you. Was more just looking at the best/easiest way to bring the thread back on track. I don't believe you went in there to troll or to argue but you got backed into a corner by the usual suspects and it was getting ugly.
    4. Athlai
      He disagreed with me and we left it at that. Then you were uncockblocked.
    5. Athlai
      No, I asked him what he thought and we discussed it.
    6. Athlai
      Uncockblocked but please do not respond to the guys trolling you.
    7. El Nino
      El Nino
      Not sure if you're serious, I pulled up something that irks me, in a joking way as its been spoken about a lot before, then removed the fullstop. All of a sudden i'm the devil.

      Grow up and move on.
    8. El Nino
    9. El Nino
      El Nino
      Because I removed a fullstop? Riiight.
    10. Athlai
      No, in this instance cockblocking you will stop the issue. If they continue, then they go too.
    11. Athlai
      It's a cockblock not an infraction.
    12. Athlai
      Two reasons:

      You said you had the right to post in there (when it's more a privilege)

      The thread was turning into just a MF vs. the usual suspects feud which was ruining it for everyone.
    13. Athlai
    14. Wilson
      Yeah man that video is insane! Have you seen him play the 10 chess grandmasters all at once? That video show's how switched on the bloke is.

      You should give the book a read. He's got a lot of interesting views on religion etc while teaching some incredibly and surprisingly good, working memory tricks. The bloke knows his stuff.
    15. Wilson
      Correct. He's got a book called Tricks of the Mind that I think you'd enjoy. Fucking unbelievable read.
    16. Wilson
      Cunt, when I leave a visitor message, you better fucking respond, ya hear?
    17. Wilson
      Ever heard of a guy named Derren Brown?
    18. Athlai
      turns out there is a character limit. who knew
    19. Athlai
      TLDR = superhero movies are changing the industry by creating a larger prescence than they or anything else has ever typically had.
      All the auteurs are being trusted with big budgets and losing their voice amongst the piles of money they're working with.
    20. Athlai
      Which while it means that effectively we're getting roughly the same amount of hero movies we have been for the past two decades, now they're all interwoven. And now they're all trying to actually become part of the culture and become the biggest blockbuster of the year instead of just a 'comic book film'.

      The Superhero medium is even now becoming genre film based, with Captain America 2 as a spy-thriller-action romp and Thor 2 as a sci-fi. We're even getting Ant Man which is apparently going to be a fully fledged comedy and all of this is going to be based in the same cinematic universe.

      I don't think producers and studios are less willing to take big risks, infact I think they're taking them more. They're now putting great auteurs into these great big budget action films or these gigantic projects that used to be for the most part, handled by studio journeymen.

      And the larger the film, the broader the strokes used to create it.
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