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    1. Paddy
      lol Hasler had the nerve to go on about refs performances when his team had a near lopsided penalty count in the ruck. Cowboys get penalised for ruck penalties the Dogs and most teams certainly should too.
    2. Weeman27bob
    3. Cribbage
      Haha it's not something I do consciously; it's really only a theory I developed today. It's a fine balance with TV shows for me -- in many ways I enjoy the flaws of the genre in general. It's made me think that I should perhaps find time to watch shows like The Wire or True Detective when I wouldn't otherwise be watching TV though -- for 90% of the time every day I'm looking for genuine intellectual stimulus but just choosing not to watch TV shows for that exact reason. :p
    4. Cribbage
      I was having a similar conversation with Teja today about the Wire which I also haven't watched. When TV shows get awesome reviews from intellectuals I tend to download them immediately and then never watch them. It's due to how I use TV in my life I think -- I actually enjoy the simplistic, broad appeal that most TV shows because TV is near enough the only thing that can actually make my unwind and stop thinking so much. When I crave TV, something with several layers of awesome complexity rarely seems to be what I'm looking for.
    5. Cribbage
      I actually haven't seen any of it yet. I've downloaded it though.
    6. Tartmaster
      If he keeps improving I can definitely see him as a future origin player.
      I don't think he's at that level now, and I would rather him not get thrown in too early and blacklisted like NSW tend to do with their halves.

      I definitely think he's somewhat underrated but I think magics a bit ott in his sezer is the answer theory.
    7. Paddy
      Last nights performance showed the fire is lit again ready for the title to return next year. Shows some of those NSW fans what a major difference Cronk's loss made to the team.
    8. Jazz
      Hey MF, since August last year, what do you think for the following:

      1. Best RL games to watch in terms of quality, drama and/or entertainment regardless of club or competition
      2. The biggest transfers or player movements, excluding Sam Burgess, which I am painfully aware of
      3. The most surprising breakout players in the NRL
      4. How Sam Tompkins, Lee Mossop and Gareth Hock are going in the NRL
    9. Paddy
      Might seem weird to say but its almost like QLD had to lose because there to me has been a certain complacency in the teams performance for awhile. I think when a team wins enough times its become expected to and kinda taken for granted. Might just be me but that is a part of why I think QLD losing isn't such a bad thing, hopefully next year they will be much hungrier now they have to regain what they just lost. I know injuries didn't help but game one there seemed to be plenty of players just going through the motions. Mal's bench policy better have come to an end and he opts for more front rowers too.
    10. Hunter
      Champion bloke. As expected both of them saw Beau Scott lying on the turf as a result. Then there was also the McQueen break 3 minutes in. Don't suppose you remember any other instances where Scott's shitness in defence was highlighted? Needing ammunition for all the idiots that thought he played well. :p
    11. Hunter
      Don't suppose you'd know what minutes of the game Slater's linebreaks were made?
    12. Wilson
      I'll check tomorrow bruss
    13. spark!ptz
      not that far back tbh. i don't know - and don't care that much - about the history of maths before about 1600-1700.
    14. spark!ptz
    15. Boobidy
      Yeah sounds like a plan. Let me know date and who's buying tickets
    16. Boobidy
    17. Baxter
      I have my moments
    18. Tartmaster
      Yeah but it's not like I support Canberra or something and can only see them when they play the broncs.
      I can get to the coast just as quickly and easily as I can to brisbane. So could get to any home game. :p

      Game was alright, pretty scrappy in parts, but all in all not too bad.

      Obviously the injuries sucked balls going in and sucked even more balls during.
      Once Sezer went off I knew we were screwed.
    19. Athlai
      Sneaky Marcuss and his faster uncockblocking skills
    20. Tartmaster
      Fucking psychic, I haven't been to a single game this year (or last year) and then the one I go to, you ask about. :/

      Umm, western grandstand, up the top.
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