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Jul 26, 2017
    1. Cribbage
      Just thought I'd give you the heads up that CPL Cricket will probably start in the next couple of days. You haven't been on much lately (presumably due to no simming) so I thought I'd tell ya so you could make sure you popped in for 15 minutes a day or got someone else to control your team or whatever if you couldn't.
    2. GYR
      Yeah I called up and they said that would be fine.
    3. GYR
      Hey dude so yeah pretty sure there is no couch in the apartment. If you want to sleep over on Monday night I can organise an extra bed for 30 bucks. Up to you though.
    4. GYR
      Lol somehow I think that will be a bit squishy haha. The floor looks nice and cumfy :p.
    5. GYR
      Haha yeah um if there is a couch sure.
    6. GYR
      If you aren't good for it, it isn't a biggy because I did do it without talking to you.

      Yeah haha well hopefully we don't run into them then. :p Otherwise just say you met through a mutual friend or some shit. I am staying at the Milton Motel next to the stadium. Was the cheapest and didn't look too bad.
    7. GYR
      Yeah I thought **** it if I am going to travel to Brissy and go to Suncorp I might as well get good seats so I bought cat 1 tickets for 50 each.
    8. GYR
      Got us tickets...40 metre line.

      Gemmell is going to the game but he got free tickets through work so he is going with his colleagues but will meet us after the game and possibly will do something with me on Sunday if you're keen.
    9. Ged
      Yeah. Put me down. The only thing that will stop me is lack of funds. tax should be sorted by then though anyway. I'll try and hit a bloke I know up for his company's tickets which are absolutely brilliant. Right on half way about 10 rows from the front. I might be in with a chance given that it's being played on Monday and his law firm would all be working. It's doubtful though. Are you just gonna get a cheapo motel or something?
    10. GYR
      Hahaha ****ing sounds like an awesome weekend to me. If no one is ****ed doing anything on Sunday night, I am not too fussed but I would like to celebrate a Roosters victory on the Monday night so at least 1 night would be nice :p. I'll have to try and convince more ****s to come. Like the russian.

      I want to get decent seats although I hear that every seat at Suncorp is awesome so yeah if you're up for it that would be awesome. I can at least guarantee that someone will be coming.
    11. GYR
      Well Gemmell is supposed to be coming to the game but as you see he may be dogging me. I am coming up on the Sunday and really don't have any specific plan for it. It is either sit with you guys (which I would prefer) or with some other Roosters fans or in the Commentary box with my boss :p. Either way I want to go up there get pissed etc.. So the more of you guys in the better.

      Happy Birthday btw :)
    12. Paddy
      Happy birthday man, hope you havin a good one.
    13. GYR
      It's on Monday night.
    14. GYR
      Oi, you still going to come to the Broncs Roos game in 2 weeks?
    15. Baxter
      Still keen for the trade? Sym + McD for Watto and Adams?
    16. CCG
      You'll be glad to know that I watch Origin today, live on Sky Sports HD....and loved it :p I'm undecided on who to support but Thurston is definately godly TSTL!
    17. Fungus
      Can you tell me what the hell budgetary slack means? Or slack creation?
    18. Fungus
      Haha, that sucks. At least you got all the exams close to each other.

      I'm planning to go to the City to watch some parts of the World Cup.
    19. Fungus
      Mine starts this Saturday. Then have exams on Friday, Saturday and Friday again after that. Shittest timetable.
    20. Fungus
      Haha. ****ing boring stuff.
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