CricSim X-COM Interest Thread

Discussion in 'Forum Games and Activities' started by Escath, Dec 23, 2015.

  1. Escath LE Schaw

    Where you get to play as a X-COM recruit and go on missions similar to the games.

    State your interest

    Originally an Immortals only thing but we didn't have enough people.

    Heef and Jabba are keen.
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  2. Jabba HJ Bots

    Still keen
  3. Athlai JJD Heads

    We're still 7 gyms away from this.
  4. Escath LE Schaw

    This doesn't have any effect on the rate of PokeSim.
  5. Frizzed WC Welker

    Yeah count me in.
  6. Teacups CJ Evans

    Love X-COM, count me in
  7. Tartmaster AJ James

    Yeah deffo.
  8. Escath LE Schaw

    Name your first recruits. Don't get attached to them.
  9. Tartmaster AJ James

    Juan Hernandez
  10. Bender BG Herd


    Rock Strongarm
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  11. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis

    Warnakulasuriya Patabendige Ushantha Joseph Chaminda Vaas
  12. Teacups CJ Evans

    Caleb Johnston
  13. Rikkomas QG Goldenhaus

    I also would participate
    Johnny Attempt the First
  14. zorax ZX Doom

    Im in.

    My first recruite is Sue Cide.
  15. Magrat Garlick M Garlick


    Ann Imous
  16. Verigoat S Verigotta

    Any more space?
  17. Escath LE Schaw

    We could do rotating assignments
  18. Jabba HJ Bots

    My guy will be named Gareth Hopkins, need someone to blame when we all die
  19. Zakaron SDR Laing

    Yeah i would join.

    Zaka Bump his name will be.
  20. Zakaron SDR Laing

    I'm guessing they all died in the first mission.

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