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    1. Rego
      Agree so much. Give it away, can't stop, Sir Pshyco Sexy, Blood Sugar Sex Magik, Sex Rap, Suck my Kiss, Power of Equality and so on are great funky songs. Their older stuff is better than their newer stuff IMO.
    2. Rego
      RHCP fan???

      Wooohoo that makes 2 of us
    3. 99*
      No problem mate, any other questions feel free to ask.
    4. 99*
      Na, you're sorted for the main game. You signed with the Crusaders, so you're in our squad. The Knights is just our second XI, that plays every week like the Crusaders do. Teams are picked by the Chairman of Selectors (in our team that's <a href=>E Ames</a>;) so you don't need do anything else for that. Just stay active and you'll play.

      But there are other things you can sign up for; the New Zealand domestic competition ( ), and Rugby sim are always looking for players.

      But apart from that, we're in the offseason. Cribb will sim a quick (maybe a week long) offseason competition where you'll get put into a team and Cribb just lets the sim run. So you get an idea of what the games will look like. Then the season will run, one Bannerman Shield (first XI), ALC (second XI) and HC (OD comp) per week.
    5. 99*
      Haha, indeed.

      The forum is basically a very low-brow version of cricketweb without the cricket discussion. :p

      Other than that, Phlegm gave you a fairly good description. You'll play in the second division (the Knights) for a bit, but once you get better you should make your way up into the Crusaders.
    6. 99*
      That is true but as you are only on your base salary we start at six and move upwards from there.

      Feel free to check out the Crusaders sub-forum, and anywhere else really. The more you post the better your player gets in OD cricket and if you stay active your guy won't decline in the longer forms.
    7. Phlegm
      Lol at you actually joining the saders. :laugh:

      Welcome on board. Saders needs blokes like you for it's rebuild mate.:) Ritchie is a good dude, though Ravin' Media is currently researching a scandolous expose on JJ Ritchie: Serial Killer.
    8. 99*
      Great to have you on board mate. Your six figure salary is being posted from my Nigerian bank account right now. I just need your bank, branch number, mother's maiden name and date of birth. :p
    9. Athlai
      Welcome to the jungle.
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