S6, R2: Immortals vs. Sharks

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  1. HeathDavisSpeed HT Davis


    Ben Storer
    Alan Izett
    Dave Eggman
    Heath Davis
    James Torres
    Michael Chung
    Charlie Downes
    Marcuss Deane
    Fourie van der Westhuizen
    Matt James
    Matt Dorn
    Haydos Bots
    Bobby Blunder
    Alex Mediocre
    Jordan Logan

    Thad Bochat
    Callum Laing
    Dexter Astele
    Nick Scott
    Geoff Smith
    Ali Farhat
    Paddy Orr


    Shane Masters
    Eddie Morris
    David Dafter
    James McDougal
    Sam Verigotta
    John McGrath
    JD Hurricane
    Samuel Yates
    Sam Bakkum
    Matthew Scoble
    Zac Macdonald
    Gunner Shriram
    Bobrad Smith
    Michael Edwards
    Regan Hutchinson

    Ishan Narang
    Ryan Gee
    Zohaib Ikram
    Chris Devonshire
    Steve Marais
    Jake Taylor
    Zach Poole

    Immortals: $1.72
    Sharks: $1.93

    Player to Watch: JD Hurricane has jumped ship to the Sharks after only one game of the season and his presence in the back row makes the Sharks look a much stronger outfit. That, allied with the injury to Lucas Schaw in round 1 give the Sharks a great opportunity to go 2 - 0 against the two toughest squads on paper in the SRC. A win here for the Sharks would definitely set the cat amongst the pigeons. The bench strength of the Immortals will be sorely tested in the absence of Schaw and Jonny Ridd. In come the error-prone Paddy Orr and Thad Bochat - both probably out of their depth at this level, but with Laing, Smith and Farhat available on the bench, the Immortals will still fancy this game if they're in it with 20 to play.
  2. Jabba HJ Bots

    Getting a start at 12, ready to deliver new levels of mediocrity
  3. Baxter MJ Deane

    Gonna make Arheiner look like roadkill when I run over the top of him...

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