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  1. Skippos
    Skippos Cribbage
    Garland eats cat food
    1. Cribbage
      Very much so.
      Jun 17, 2017
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  2. Captain
    Captain morgieb
    What's the theme?
    1. morgieb
      Denouncement Mafia is the official name. I think it's a vanilla mafia.
      May 26, 2017
  3. morgieb
    morgieb Rikkomas
    Keen on mafia?
  4. morgieb
    morgieb Captain
    Keen on mafia?
  5. morgieb
    morgieb 99*
    Keen on mafia?
  6. morgieb
    morgieb Quaggas
    Keen on Mafia?
  7. Shri
    Shri zorax
    You are inactive everywhere.
  8. maximin
    What happened to this
  9. HeathDavisSpeed
    HeathDavisSpeed Tartmaster
    No damage from the quakes, though we had to evacuate due to a tsunami warning. Some of the office blocks haven't fared so well though; my wife won't be back in her office until February, for example.
  10. Tartmaster
    Tartmaster HeathDavisSpeed
    How did you fare with the quakes, no damage or anything?

    I reckon if we can snare a couple of those top level guys who got realeased the title is within reach.
  11. HeathDavisSpeed
    HeathDavisSpeed Tartmaster
    Been so long, hard to know what the 'same old' might be. All good here, though it was a pretty decent earthquake t'other week.

    Looks like you're on to it anyway. Probably gives the Vikings a decent crack at winning the thing.
  12. Tartmaster
    Tartmaster HeathDavisSpeed
    Ah yeah, forgot you two clash.

    Yeah things are are going alright, same old.
    Hows yourself.

    I sent sent out a few PMs today trying to sign peeps too.
    Will have a proper look at the unsigned list tonight and chase a few more.
  13. HeathDavisSpeed
    HeathDavisSpeed Tartmaster
    Nah. Not with Cribb there.

    How's things anyway? All good?
  14. GYR
    GYR Sultan Pepper
    Congrats on the kid champion!
  15. HeathDavisSpeed
    HeathDavisSpeed Cribbage
    So I suspect you'll have to e-mail people out if there's any chance of Seasonal Rugby getting underway again. Not enough people give a toss about it, really.
  16. Tartmaster
    Tartmaster HeathDavisSpeed
    Heef -> Vikings
  17. Furball
    Furball 99*
  18. JDMaxwell47
    Bathroom Remodeling rockland
  19. ketoanga
    ketoanga thanhbla2
    Kế toán chia sẻ với bạn:
    Hướng xử lý hóa đơn giá trị trên 20 triệu đồng quá hạn thanh toán
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    Công việc của kế toán công nợ là gì, làm gì để quản lý công nợ hiệu quả?
    Chi phí bảo hành sản phẩm, hàng hóa có phải xuất hóa đơn?
  20. ketoanga
    Hi, i am kế tóan. welcome to,
    Nice to you!